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(This page is mainly for people that reside outside of the USA)

Beginning, Wednessays, Club  PRIVATE LESSONS ♂♀
with Sonny Watson
Call Sonny: 818.606.9402
(Up to Two People)

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Question: "What the Heck does NTSC / PAL mean?"


   Most countries around the World use one of three main television broadcast Standards. These three main standards are NTSC, PAL and SECAM. However, each standard is incompatible with the other. For example, a video recording (tape) made in the UK could not be played on US standard VCR's or shown on the TV AND vice-a-versa. So if you live in the USA, these VHS tapes will work fine. Close this window

Question: These Video NTSC Tapes "WILL Play" in all USA Players.

NTSC Video Tape Format: (USA, Yes All VHS Video Tape recorders made in the USA work)
    The first colour TV broadcast system was implemented in the United States in 1953. This was based on the NTSC - National Television System Committee standard. NTSC is used by many countries on the American continent as well as many Asian countries including Japan. NTSC runs on 525 lines/frame. Close this window


- If you live in the USA, You most likely don't have one of these below and if you did you would know it -

Question: These Video Tapes "will NOT" play in these Players Below.

PAL Video Tape Format: (EUROPEAN Foramt)
    Phase Alternating Line standard was introduced in the early 1960's and implemented in most European countries except for France. The PAL standard utilises a wider channel bandwidth than NTSC which allows for better picture quality. PAL runs on 625 lines/frame. Our tapes will not work in a 'European Video Recorder', even if bought a special Pal Player in the USA to play European Videos. However if you bought a player that plays USA NTSC Video Tapes, they will work. Close this window

Question: These Video Tapes "will NOT" play in the Players Below.

SECAM Video Tape Format:
    Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire or Sequential Colour with Memory standard was introduced in the early 1960's and implemented in France. SECAM uses the same bandwidth as PAL but transmits the colour information sequentially. SECAM runs on 625 lines/frame.Close this window

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