Sonny is a Multi National, World and US Open Swing Dance Champion, National Instructor and Certified National Dance Contest Adjudicator.
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(Up to Two People)

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Sonny Watson

West Coast Swing Dance

---- Instructional Videos ----

Assisted by U.S Open Champion "Deanna Mollmann"

Beginning: West Coast Swing Dance DVD:

$45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00

    All the WCS Basics - Everything you need to get you started the right way, If you want to know how to do California Style WCS. Plus A WHOLE LOT MORE!. Sonny's basics are one of the best in Southern California. (also see bronze package below)

Beyond the Basics: West Coast Swing Dance DVD:

$45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00

    A step above Basic to ease the transition into intermediate. Simpler WCS Intermediate Basics, Patterns & Footwork! that really work with everyone. If your stuck between levels and want to learn more, this is the DVD for you.

Fun & Easy Syncopations & Footwork: WC Swing I DVD:

$45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00

    "These Syncopated footwork routines will make your dancing fun, look better and are very easy to learn and apply." You should be at least Beyond the Basics or higher for this West Coast Swing dance Instructional DVD.

Intermediate I: West Coast Swing Dance DVD:

$45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00

    Lead / Follow friendly, Intermediate Patterns & More! to enhance that boring West Coast Swing Dance routine of yours. 3 minutes can be a loooooong time when yah only got 10 steps.

Advanced I: West Coast Swing Dance DVD:

$45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00

    Cool Advanced West Coast Swing Patterns & more!. One of the best breakdowns of all the video's. If you are not at least low intermediate level, don't bother with this one.

Beginning: Retro-East Coast Swing Dance DVD:

$45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00
   Beginning to low Intermediate RETRO ECS. (Yes!, both the standard East Coast Swing and Retro [aka: Jump Swing] versions are taught and or described.) as well as the Charleston, Suzy-Q, Truckin Plus More!

Beginning L.A. Hustle Dance DVD I: $45.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING = $50.00

    All the Hustle Lead / Follow basics, Plus stylings and a few other things thrown in as well! (using the &1-2-3 rhythm,) LA and NY Hustle are almost the same dance. The basic difference is LA dances it faster & more slotted (due to WCS Dominance), New York is generally a little slower and more of a rotating slot ... which are very interchangeable and explained on the DVD.

Video Package Deals

Brass: Combined 2 DVD Package Set:

...with FREE Shipping Online Discount: $95.00 

    Pick Any Two DVD's Deal! (Combined Two DVD Set - Use these links to save big money $$ on Shipping charges with our Free Shipping on packaged deals.) ...

Bronze: Combined 3 DVD Package Set:

...with FREE Shipping Online Discount: $125.00

    Pick Any Three DVD Package! (Save $25) This is the most popular set we sell :) ... These Ship Right Away Priority!.

Silver: Combined 4 DVD Package Set:

...with FREE Shipping Online Discount: $160.00

    Pick Any Four DVD Package! (Save $40) ... These Ship Right Away Priority!.

Gold: Combined 5 DVD Package Set:

...with FREE Shipping Online Discount: $200.00

    Pick Any Five DVD Package! Save $50. (The "I only want these certain video" package :) ... These Ship Right Away Priority!.

Platinum: Combined 7 DVD Package:

... with FREE Shipping Online Discount: $275.00
    COMPLETE Seven DVD Package! (Save $75) The "I Want 'em all package" :) ... These Ship Right Away Priority!.

     After placing your 'Special Package' or 'Combined Order' for the above 2 to 5 videos ordered, Please Let Us ( know "What DVD's You Want" if purchasing a package deal so we can package videos up for you right away, Otherwise they can not ship until you do. Depending on your bank, PayPal and my Bank, Videos can take up to 5 Business days for funds to clear.

Video Info:
    All WCS videos come with some video snippets of Sonny dancing in various contests from 1984 to present (So You can steal some other moves later on as well :). All steps are broken down and includes many Technique Tips, Lead / Follow as well as different camera angles, plus a short demonstration with music. West Coast Swing DVD's (aka: Video's) are over 45 minutes in length, Syncopation's, Intermediate and Advanced are over 1 hour (No needless comedy routines to take up tape time.) These video tapes will enhance any style of swing dancing, including but not limited to: West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Retro, Hollywood Style Lindy Hop, Country Western, Shag, Push, Jive, Whip, Jitterbug and Ballroom dancing.

    All West Coast Swing (WCS) and other Dance Instructional Video's are made on High Quality NTSC Video's, (edited to DVD.) Video's professionally done by Sonny Watson, Deanna Mollmann and Mattern Video Productions using the highest quality camera's available ... (Video's were done in the "DVC High Quality format.") These Instructional videotapes are a valuable tool in Learning, Teaching or just building your Swing Dance Video Library. Purchase yours today!.

Shipping Times:
    If Paying by "Check," Please allow up to two weeks for Check to clear and shipping time (may be a little longer on out of state checks,) however: Videos ARE usually shipped within 3 business days after receiving payment from PayPal on Money Orders and Credit Cards. Back ordered videos may take up to a week longer before shipping (rare.) Sorry, International orders are no longer accepted thru the internet, call for international shipping prices.

GAURANTEE / Returns:
    If you experience any problems with your "DVD's," call Sonny at 818.606.9402 or email us at (and describe problem) and your DVD will be cheerfully replaced immediately at no charge. Shipping times can occasionally take up to 2 weeks (rare) due to being out of town Judging, Teaching events, Holidays etc. Note: all DVD's are made in the +r format. Pay-Pal has a guarantee as well.
2) Sorry "Recorded Over, Destroyed Video Cases, Heat or Liquid damage voids guarantee. The only exception is thru shipping damage which you need to contact us within one week of delivery or no replacement will be given. Replacement will be for same DVD only."
3) Sorry, but once mailed, there are no substitutions or refunds for any reason.

TheseDVD's are also great for:
Couples who tend to argue about how it's done.
Have a friend or S/O who wants to start, but is a littleshy & wants to know something before taking a lesson.
Tend to forget the patterns while enrolled in Sonny's Classor wish to create a detailed video notebook.
Want to know how to do the opposite role of the dance ... correctly.
Want to practice correctly at home and don't want to relyon ones own memory.
You learn better by watching.
A Great dancing Gift !

Payment Methods:

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