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Syllabus (Contents) for the "Beyond the Basics" West Coast Swing DVD
This Beyond the Basics West Coast Swing DVD Video covers all the basics taught in Sonny's "Six Week Series" and open group classes. This LIST is just the general contents on this DVD. This DVD Video consists of Technique, Tips, Styling, Unit System, Lead and Follow and more. (Below Syllabus subject to change without notice).
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Beginning, Wednessays, Club PRIVATE LESSONS ♂♀
with Sonny Watson
Call Sonny: 818.606.9402
(Up to Two People)

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ICON The Closed position Push Basic starter ( 6 Count )
ICON The Double Tuck Turn - Throw Out ( 6 Count double Outside spin breakdown)
ICON The Lassou Routine with Footwork ( 12 Counts )
ICON The Underarm "Pickup to Closed" ( 6 Count )
ICON The Hitch Basic - done in underarm pass ( 2 Count )
ICON The Tuck and Hold Routine with Turn-Out ( 12 Counts )
ICON 3 Sugar Push Footwork Routine ( 3x6 Count )
ICON The Sugar Push Vamp Pattern ( 6 Count )
ICON The Sugar Push Tuck Turn ( 6 Count )
ICON The Basic Whip Breakdown - Coaster Step ( 8 Count )
ICON The X-Arm Whip - aka Basket or Locked Whip ( 8 Count )
ICON The Shuttle Whip - aka Continuos Whip ( 12 Count )
ICON The "T" Whip - using the Coaster Step ( 8 Count )
... and more

     This DVD covers all the "Extended Basics" or that "uncomfortable transition area" between the Beginning and Intermediate classes. These "Extended Basics" are the main way So. California dances its West Coast Swing. All patterns are done in the "Slotted Movement" and Anchor Steps." Sonny's "French Cross" with the contemporary "&3" timing are highly centered upon.

     Sonny's basics are one of the best Basics one can use for West Coast Swing for a solid foundation in WCS... Good dance technique is ageless. They are up to date as well as having many years of knowledge built right in. If you can't be here for his regular classes or currently are in his class and want to practice along with a video .... these tapes are the next best thing to Sonny actually being there with you.

These DVD is also great for:
Couples who tend to argue about how it's done.
Have a friend or S/O who wants to start, but is a little shy & wants to know something before taking a lesson.
Tend to forget the patterns while enrolled in Sonny's Class or wish to create a detailed video notebook.
Want to know how to do the opposite role of the dance ... correctly.
Want to practice correctly at home and don't want to rely on ones own memory.
You learn better by watching.
A Great dancing Gift !

     Sonny is a very gifted WCS Instructor and has been teaching West Coast Swing for over 30 years. He has lead the way in the Los Angeles West Coast Swing dance community on technique, styling and a foundation , which is now ingrained in the Southern California style for many years. He is a well respected Instructor, "California Swing Dance Hall of Fame" and "World Swing Dance Hall of Fame" inductee, A "US Open - Walk of Legends" Inductee as well as a many time, Local, multi-national and US Open Champion. He is also " Coach" for many of todays Rising and top competitors, so he understands more than just the social side of this dance. Sonny has taught thousands upon thousands how to do this dance successfully, he can help you too :)
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