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Click Link below to view page. Related dance/dancers row only means connected to, may not be that actual dance type.
Sheet Music Title Date Related Dance or Dancer Other
Ballin' The Jack (Brians 1)   Ballin' The Jack, Eagle Rock  
Ballin' The Jack (Brians 2)   Ballin' The Jack, Eagle Rock  
    Ballin' The Jack, Eagle Rock  
Ballin' The Jack (Lewis)   Ballin' The Jack, Eagle Rock  
Baltimore, The   Baltimore Dance  
Baltimore Buck   Buck Dance  
Bamboula 1880 Bamboula, Polka  
Banner of the Bear 1870s Grizzly Bear?  
Baseball Glide   Baseball Glide, Glide  
Berceause (1)   Berceause  
Berceuse (2)   Berceause  
Betty Co-Ed   Collegiate  
    Swing, Big Apple  
Black Bottom Dance   Black Bottom  
Black Key Mazurka   Mazurka  
Blackmoors Barn Dance   Barn, Square, Country Dance  
Blue Bird Waltz 1914 Hesitation Waltz  
Bohemienne, the   Polka  
Boomps A Daisy   The Boomps A Daisy  
Boola Boo 1916 Boola Boo  
Boston Bounce   Boston Bounce  
Boston Racquet Galop   Boston, Galop  
Boston Two Step 1908 Two Step, Boston  
Bourd Waltz 1843 Waltz  
Bouree, the (1)   Bouree  
Bowery Buck (1)   Buck Dance  
Bowery Buck (2)   Two Step  
Brazillian Maxixe 1914 Maxixe  
Breakaway, the 1929 Breakaway, Swing  
Broadway Glide   Broadway Glide, Glide  
Buen Amigo   Tango  
Buena Vista Tango (Burk's)   Tango  
Bunny Hop   Bunny Hop  
Bunny Hug   Bunny Hug  
Burgler Buck   Buck Dance  
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