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Sheet Music Title Date Related Dance or Dancer Other
A Down Home Shout   Slow Drag  
A Little On The Ragtime   Cakewalk  
A Zoot Suit (for my Sunday Gal)   Dance  
Adelaide Hall (Winter Garden)   Adelaide Hall, Winter Garden  
Aeroplane Captif   La Ronde des Aeroplanes Esquisse Americaine  
Aeroplane Glide   Aeroplane Glide, Glide  
Aeroplane Waltz   Aeroplane Waltz, Waltz  
Aeroplane Waltz (2)   Aeroplane Waltz, Waltz  
African Glide   African Glide, Glide  
After The Ball   Boston Waltz  
After The Possum Hunt   Cakewalk  
Alabama Shuffle   Shuffle  
Alabama Walkaround   Cakewalk, Walkaround  
All American Girl   Collegiate Foxtrot  
All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm   Lindy Hop  
Allen Glide   Allen Glide, Glide  
Anitra's Dance   Anitra's Dance  
Anvil Trot   a Novelty Jazz Foxtrot  
Apache Dance (1)   Apache  
Apache Dance (2)   Apache  
Apple Jacks   Swing, Jazz, Apple Jacks  
Argentine Tango   Tango, Castles  
Around The Hall   Turkey Trot, Tango, One Step  
Astaire, The   The Astaire, Fred Astaire  
At A Darktown Cakewalk   Cakewalk  
At The Million Dollar Tango Ball   Tango  
At The Tango Tea   Tango  
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