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Miss Innocence
Opening Location Opening Theatre Dates Performances
New York New York Theatre 11/30/1908 - 5/1/1909 176
Choreographer Musical Director Producer Film Version
Julian Mitchell Frank Darling Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. Yes / No
Specialty Dancers / Known Dance Stars
Faico John Wentzel n/a
Florence Walton  Blanche West  
La Flamencia    
Featured ? Orchestra Costumes By
Anna Held Ludwig Englander Klaw and Erlanger


Featured Dances
Ballet n/a n/a  
Music Titles (Click for Sheet Music Cover if Available) Music Titles
Crazy When the Band Begins to Play My Post Card Girl
I Have Lost My Little Brown Bear What Kind of a Wife to Choose
I'm Learning Something Every Day  
Anna Held Eva Francis May Hopkins
Beatrice Learwood Faico Mayble Gilmore
Blanche West Florence Walton Miss Davies
Daisy Carson Gladys Zell Miss MacDonald
Daisy Clark John Wentzel Reina Swift
Daisy Rudd Josephine Harriman Ruby Lewis
Dorothy Follies La Flamencia Selma Mantell
Edna Birch Lillian Lorraine Violet Jewell
Edna Chase Madlyn Summers Vonnie Hoyt
Elise Hamilton Martha Bright  
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Books, Magazine Articles on this Stage Show...
Title Author Date Published Publisher
n/a n/a n/a n/a


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