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Song Titles with the Word Associated to a 'Wedding' in the Title.
Wedding, Groom, Wife, Husband, Bride, Honeymoon, Marriage, Divorce etc. Song Titles Word list (not necessarily dance songs.) List is sortable - Click date, writer or song. [DD# = Edison Diamond Disc #].

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Song Title Writer or Performer Genre Date MP3
A Wedding Gown of White Charlie Feathers   1956 MP3
Aba Daba Honeymoon, the
Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan
  1914 MP3
Alimony Boogie (Album) Johnny Otis   1947 MP3
An Apple Blossom Wedding Jimmy Kennedy & Nat Simon   1942 MP3
An Old Fashioned Wedding Irving Berlin   1966 MP3
And so I Married the Girl
Sam H. Stept
  1932 MP3
Anniversary Waltz, the
~   ~ MP3
Be My Bride Charlie Phillips   1958 MP3
Big Bopper's Wedding Big Bopper   1958 MP3
Bride And Groom Boogie Tiny Bradshaw   1947 MP3
Bridal Bouquet Jack Bube   1950 MP3
Bridal Chorus: Lohengrin Richard Wagner   ~ MP3
Bridal March Op. 61, A Midsummer Night'sDream
Felix Mendelssohn   ~ MP3
Bride of Frankenstein ~   ~ MP3
Come Marry Me Terry Noland   1958 MP3
Dancing Honeymoon Philip Braham
  1923 MP3
Darkies Wedding C. Chambers   1901 MP3
Don't You Think It's Time to Marry?
Gus Edwards
  1906 MP3
Dooley's Wedding
Andrew Mack
  1895 MP3
Everything’s at Home Except YourWife
Ivan Caryll
  1912 MP3
Fairy Wedding J. W. Turner   ~ MP3
Farmer Takes a Wife Charlie Tobias   1935 MP3
Fatal Wedding, the Ernest Stoneman (DiamondDisc 11693-C)   1927 MP3
Fireman's Bride Celeste Holm   ~ MP3
Girl I Marry, the
Irving Berlin
  1946 MP3
Hawaiian Wedding Song Charles E. King   1948 MP3
Here Comes the Groom
Hapgood Burt
  1916 MP3
Honeymoon Chimes Mary Earl, Lew Brown   1922 MP3
Honeymoon Glide W. R. Walker
  1910 MP3
Honeymoon Waltz Tony Kaczmarek   1950 MP3
Honeymooning Edward A. Paulton
  1908 MP3
Husband Helping Man Bill Coday   ~ MP3
I Want to Marry a Male Quartette
Rudolf Friml
  1915 MP3
I Went to Your Wedding Jessie Mae Robinson
  1952 MP3
In the Land of Wedding Bells Geo. W. Meyer   1917 MP3
Let the Chimes of Normandy be Our WeddingBells F. H. Klickman   1918 MP3
Married Woman's Boogie Billy Wright   1951 MP3
Marriage Type Love
Richard Rodgers
  1953 MP3
Marrying For Love
Irving Berlin
  1950 MP3
Mother-In-Law Boogie Earl Songer and the Rocky Road Ramblers   1949 MP3
My Foxtrot Wedding day B.H. Burke, Irving Kaufman (1916),   1911 MP3
My Wife And Sweetheart, Too Earl Songer and the Rocky Road Ramblers   1949 MP3
Never Marry A Tennessee Girl Roy Hall and his Cohutta Mountain Boys (V. Frankie Brumabalough)   1949 MP3
No Wedding Bells For Me Seymour Furth   1906 MP3
Our Wedding Prayer Alliene B. Webb   1951 MP3
Pompernickle's Silver Wedding Len Spencer   1904 MP3
She Wants to Marry a Cowboy
~   ~ MP3
Swing Swing Mother-In-Law Ben Baron, Raymond Scott
  1936 MP3
Tattooed Bride, Pt. 1 & 2 Duke Ellington   ~ MP3
Teen-Age Wedding Bonnie Lou   1957 MP3
Teenage Bride Hepcats, the   ~ MP3
Teenage Honeymoon Skip and Flip   1960 MP3
Tennessee Luney Honeymoon Gene Rowe   1954 MP3
Tennessee Wedding Vic Mizzy & Franklin, Dave   1952 MP3
That’s the Sign of a Honeymoon Egbert Van Alstyne
  1908 MP3
That's Why I Never Married Billy Murray (Amberol cylinder 4M-692)   1911 MP3
There's More to a Weddng Jimmy Drake   1962 MP3
There's No Sense Marrying Me Tony Farr   1958 MP3
They Have Decked Her for the Bridal J. H. Cave
  ~ MP3
This Wedding Cannot Be! Harry S. Miller
  1898 MP3
Too Young To Get Married Bill Lancester   1955 MP3
Under The Honeymoon
Ben M. Jerome
  1908 MP3
Virginia Bride Ronnie Hwkins   1960 MP3
Vows Go Unbroken, the ~   ~ MP3
Walk Her Down the Isle Ted Self   1960 MP3
Waltz of Broken Vows La Croix, Ann   1951 MP3
Wedding Band Jimmy Edwards   1958 MP3
Wedding Bells Claude Boone   1947 MP3
Wedding Bells Sammy Fain   1929 MP3
Wedding Bells Jean Schwartz   1918 MP3
Wedding Bells Irving Kahal   1929 MP3
Wedding Bell Blues
5th Dimension   ~ MP3
Wedding Bouquet Keefer Sisters   1960 MP3
Wedding Day Ersel Hickey   1958 MP3
Wedding Glide Louis A. Hirsch   1912 MP3
Wedding March Op 61 Felix Mendelssohn (Southern German Philharm)   1935 MP3
Wedding March Op 61 Felix Mendelssohn (Murray, Smedvig)   1935 MP3
Wedding Of Hillbilly Lili Marlene Homer and Jethro   1949 MP3
Wedding of the Painted Doll Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed   1929 MP3
Wedding of the Shimmie and Jazz, the Johnson, Howard   1919 MP3
Wedding Picture Lou Perry   1959 MP3
Wedding Prayer Fern G. Dunlap
  1965 MP3
Wedding Samba Abraham Ellstein   1948 MP3
We'll Have a Yankee-Doodle Wedding Wm. Tracey   1918 MP3
When I Get Married Alfred G. Robyn
  1912 MP3
When those wedding bells rang out foryou and me George Hamilton   1903 MP3
When You’re Wearing The Ball And Chain
Victor Herbert
  1904 MP3
Whistler's Mother-In-Law Bert Stevens, Larry Wagner   1941 MP3
White Wedding
~   ~ MP3
Will You Marry Me? (Some Day) Walter L. Rosemont
  1923 MP3
With This Ring I Thee Wed Jack Bailey   1963 MP3
Yon Yonson's Vedding L. E. West  & Ed. F. Pollock   ~ MP3
You're The Girl I'm Gonna Marry Roy Rector   1956 MP3

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