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Minuet titled list (not necessarily Minuet dance songs.) List is sortable - Click date, writer or song. [DD# = Edison Diamond Disc #].
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Song Title Writer or Performer Date
Celebrated Minuet [MP3] Luigi Boccherini (Orpheus Chamber Orchestra) ~
Concerto for trumpet & orch. in D Tempo di Minuetto [MP3]
Johannes Sperger (New Leipzig Bach Collegium Musicum) ~
Menuet [MP3] Charles Gounod ~
Menuet con Variazione Anna Bon Di Venezia ~
Menuet de la Cour Lully,Jean Baptiste ~
Menuet De La Reine, le [MP3] Carlos Gardel ~
Menuett et Trio Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello ~
Menuetto for cello & piano,Op 65/2 David Popper ~
Minuet Luigi Boccherni ~
Minuet Jeremiah Clarke ~
Minuet [MP3] Francisco Tarrega (Eduardo Fernandez) ~
Minuet and gavotte Alexander ReinaglePeel ~
Minuet Boogie Pete Johnson ~
Minute Circle Whirl I. Cozad ~
Minuet for keyboard in G major [MP3],[MP3] Johann Sebastian Bach? (Walter Heinz Bernstein) ~
Minuet For The French Horn, HWV 348 [MP3]
George Frideric Handel (Budapest Strings ) ~
Minuet for piano in G major [MP3] Ludwig van Beethoven (Budapest Strings ) ~
Minuet in D John Eccles ~
Minuet in G Georg Bohm ~
Minuet of the 400 Eduard Holst 1891
No. 1 In D Minor, G. 445: 3. Minuetto[MP3] Luigi Boccherni (Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields) ~
No. 5 In D, G. 449: 2. Minuetto [MP3] Luigi Boccherni (Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields) ~
Serenade, K 375: Menuetto [MP3] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Budapest Wind Ensemble) ~
String Quartet in A, Op.39, G213: Minuetto:Allegro [MP3] Luigi Boccherni ~
String Quartet In D, Op. 6 No. 1: III. Minuetto inRondeau [MP3] Luigi Boccherni ~
String Quintet In E, Op. 13 No. 5: Minuet[MP3] Luigi Boccherni (Pepe Romero) ~
Suite for orchestra No. 2 in B minor,BWV 1067 [MP3],[MP3] Johann Sebastian Bach (German Bach Soloists) ~
Work(s) Minuet I In G Major [MP3]
Johann Sebastian Bach (Walter Heinz Bernstein) ~

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