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Song Titles that have / use the word 'Fad Dances' in it.
Twist, Bossa Nova, Watusi, Freddie, etc.
title list (not necessarily dance songs.) List is sortable - Click date, writer or song. [DD# = Edison Diamond Disc #].
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Song Title Writer or Performer Dance Date
 ...Click Here for FullTwist Titles List ~ ~ ~
Bomb the Twist [MP3] the's Twist ~
Bossa Nova, the ~ BossaNova ~
Bossa Nova Watusi Twist, the Freddie King BossaNova, Twist ~
Chua Chua Boogaloo Boogaloos,the Boogaloo 1966
Come On Do The Freddie [MP3] Dave Allen Freddie 1960s
Congo Twist Reveals Twist ~
Do The Freddie, Let's [MP3] Chubby Checker Freddie 1960s
Dance The Mess Around ~ Mess Around ~
Do the Monkey ~ Monkey ~
Do The New Continental ~ Continental  ~
Do The Watusi Carter Brothers Watusi ~
El Watusi Ray Barretto Watusi ~
Fly, the [MP3] Chubby Checker Fly ~
Frug WatusiMonkey and Mashed Potato ~ Watusi ~
Gran Combo's Boogaloo Boogaloos,the Boogaloo 1966
Hey Let'sTwist [MP3] Joey Dee Twist ~
Hot Pastrami with Mashed Potatos [MP3] Joey Dee Mashed Potato
Hully Gully HollywoodArgyles Hully Gully 1960
Hully Gully Baby Dovells, the Hully Gully ~
Jet, the ~ Jet ~
Let's Twista la Paloma ~ Twist ~
Let's Twist Again ~ Twist ~
Let's twist-Let'sTwist-Let's Twist ~ Twist ~
Limbo Rock [MP3] Chubby Checker ~ ~
Madison, the Al Brown Madison 1960
Madison Jam Al Brown Madison  ~
Madison Jr. Al Brown Madison  ~
Madison Party Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 Al Brown Madison  ~
Madison Time ~ Madison ~
Mambo Watusi Gene Bloch Watusi ~
Mashed Potato ~ Mash Potato ~
Mashed Potato Time [MP3] Dee Dee Sharp Mash Potato ~
Mess Around, the Ray Charles MessAround ~
Mickey’s Monkey Miracles Monkey ~
Monkey Time Major Lance's Monkey ~
Mo' Madison Al Brown ~ ~
Monkey's Uncle Annette Funicello Monkey ~
Monster Mash John Zacherle Monster Mash ~
Mr. Twister [MP3] Shirelles Twist ~
Peppermint Twist (1&2) [MP3] Chubby Checker,Joey Dee Twist ~
Pony Time [MP3] Chubby Checker Pony ~
Popeye [MP3] Chubby Checker Popeye ~
Popeye the Hitchhiker [MP3] Chubby Checker Hitchhiker ~
Rubberleg Twist [MP3] Isley Twist ~
Slow Twistin' [MP3] Chubby Checker Twist ~
Smirnoff Mule, the ~ Mule ~
Stroll, the Diamonds, the Stroll ~
Teach Me To Twist ~ Twist ~
Texas Twist, the [MP3] Chubby Checker Twist ~
Twist  Along ~ Twist ~
Twist and Shout [MP3] Isley Brothers Twist ~
Twist It Up![MP3] Chubby Checker Twist ~
Twist Mit Mir ~ Twist ~
TwistA St.-Lopez [MP3] ~ Twist ~
Twistin' U.S.A. ~ Twist ~
Twist, The [MP3] Chubby Checker Twist ~
Twist, the ~ Twist ~
Wah-Watusi Orlons, the.The Miracles Watusi 1962
Watusi - Egyptian March Sun Ra Watusi 1972
Watusi Boogaloo Willie Rosario Watusi ~
Watusi Drums Dave Brubeck Watusi ~
Watusi Joe Dick Dale Watusi ~
Watusi Rodeo ~ Watusi/ Boogaloo ~
Watusi, the Vibrations,the Watusi ~
Watusi Time Vibrations,the Watusi ~
Watusi Twist ~ Watusi ~
Watusi Walk Eddy Cano Watusi ~
Watusi Wu Derek Reklaw Watusi ~
Watusi Zombie Davis Watusi ~
Way Out Calypso[MP3] George Duning Calypso ~
Wild Watusi Duane Eddy Watusi 1962