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Song Titles that have / use the word 'Drag' in it.
Drag, Dragged, Dragging etc.
title list (not necessarily dance songs.) List is sortable - Click date, writer or song. [DD# = Edison Diamond Disc #].
Da' Dip by Freak Nasty
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Song Title Writer or Performer Date
A Dingy Slowdown Robert Hoffmann 1900
Big Mean Drag Machine Lynn Bryson ~
Black Bawl- a Slow Drag [SM] Harry G.Thompson 1905
Cats Whiskers(Drag Foxtrot) Jazz-o-harmonists,Louis Katzman (DD # 8955-A) 1923
Central AvenueDrag Pete Johnson ~
Cotton Sack Drag (1940's?) Merle Lindsay and The Oklahoma Night Riders ~
Dat DraggyRag Irving Berlin 1910
Dream, The(Slow Drag) [MP3] James P.Johnson 1880
Five O'ClockDrag [MP3] Duke Ellington 1941
Fluffy Ruffles... a slow drag [SM] Frank C.Keithley 1908
K.M. H Drag(Draggin' the Blues) [MP3] Art Hodes 1952
Hanky PankSlow Drag [SM] Harry G.Robinson and Clifford Adams 1914
Lazy Drag[MP3] Thomas Morris 1926
LibertyInn Drag [MP3] Eddie Condon ~
Minor Drag[MP3] Eddie Condon,Fats Waller ~
Muddy Water(a Mississippi moan) Slow Drag Voorhees& his Earl Carroll's "Vanities" Orch.Harold Yates (vocal) 1927
Palm Leaf Rag - A Slow Drag Scott Joplin 1903
Panama-PacificDrag Joseph Moskowitz 1916
Papa BetterWatch your Step (Drag Foxtrot) Kaplan'sMelodists (DD #8958-C) 1923
PeacefulHenry - A Slow Drag [SM] E. HarryKelly
RathskellerDrag Walter C.Dunn 1910
Red OnionDrag Louis Dumaine'sJazzola Eight 1920s
Sag Drag& Fall
Sid King& The Five Strings ~
Satisfied- An Emotional Drag Theron C.Bennett
Shoe ShinersDrag [MP3] Jelly RollMorton (Art Hodes) 1920s
Slow Draggin' Noble "ThinMan" Watts 1987
Spaniard,the - A Slow Drag Two Step Colm O'Brien 1990
SquiggilumDrag Harry Gasdorf 1911
SunflowerSlow Drag [SM] Scott Joplin/ Scott Hayden 1901
That LazyDrag Harry VonTilzer 1910
Tremonisha(a Real Slow Drag) [MP3] Scott Joplin ~
VarsityDrag, the [MP3] DeSylva,Brown, Henderson, Elgart (George Olsen) 1927
Varsity DragBlues DeSylva andBrown (Ruth Etting) 1927
Vipers Drag[MP3] Fats Waller 1934