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Song Titles that have Courante in the Song Titles'
Courante etc. and its variants Song Titles
list (not necessarily dance songs.) List is sortable - Click date, writer or song. [DD# = Edison Diamond Disc #].
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Music preview clip Song Title Writer or Performer Performed By Buy
Clip not available at this time Air Tendre et Courante Jean-Baptiste De Lully @ MP3
  Coranta William Brade Musica Dolce Recorder Quintet  
  Coranto William Brade Musica Dolce Recorder Quintet  
  Coranto in "A", "D", "G" - @  
  Coronto in C William Byrd, @  
  Corrente Italiana Juan Bautista Cabanilles @  
  Courant Jacob Eyck @  
  Courante I & II Jacob Polak @  
  Courante and Spagnoletta Michael Praetorius @  
  Courante in E William Croft @  
  Entrée - Courante, Dances from "Terpsichore" - @  
  La Coranta Thomas Morley Morley Consort  
  Suite No. 1 In G Major BWV 1007: Cournate Johann S. Bach Pablo Casals