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 Song Titles Using a Dance Song Term or Word in the Title of the Song.
      This is a quick Index, it is the same as using the drop down navigation below. But if they don't work for you due to your Java scripting configuration, you can access the indexes this way. (For actual dance songs see the links above.) Some pages are very large, so may take a few seconds to load. Page columns are sortable (not on this page). Dates are the closest I could find if listed so some may be off. There are also a few "Misc" pages as well.

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Term in Song Title Note / About List List
1960's Fad Dance Titles Frug, Watusi, Monkey, Swim, Clam, Mule, etc. Song Term
Allemande Allemande, allemanda, Almain Song Term
Animal Name ...coming soon Turtle, Horse, Fox, Mouse, Rabbit, Bunny etc. Song Term
Apache (+ Various Indian Titles) Apache, Cherokee, Indian, Injun, Navajo etc. Song Term
Ballet ...coming soon Ballo, Jete, Ballerina, Ba lotomane, etc Song Term
Ballet Music List ~ Dance Term
Ball as in 'going to the Ball', Cannon Ball, etc. Song Term
Ballin' + Balling, plus Train, Railroad Song Term
Belly Dance List Belly, Raks, Vei, Salome, Sharqi, danse du Venture etc Song Term
Barcarolle ~ Song Term
Barn ...coming soon Song Term
Basse ...coming soon Song Term
Black Bottom Black Bottom, Brown Bottom, Bottom etc. Song Term
Body Foot, Feet, Hand, Hip, Toe, etc Song Term
Bolero ~ Song Term
Boogie Boogie, Woogie, Booger, Boogin etc. Song Term
Bop Bopp, Bopper, Bopping, Boppin' Song Term
Bossa Nova ~ Song Term
Bounce Bounce, Bouncin', Bouncing, Bouncer Song Term
Bouree ~ Song Term
Break ~ Song Term
Breakdown Breakdown, Lowdown, Low Song Term
Buck Buck, Pigeon, Wing etc. Song Term
Bug Bugg, Buggin', + Various Insect titles) Song Term
Cakewalk ~ Song Term
Can Can ~ Song Term
Catch Phrase Groovy, Hip, Cool, Bad, Rad, Dude, etc. Song Term
Cha Cha Cha, Hotcha etc Song Term
Charleston ~ Song Term
Children's Dance Music List ~ Dance Term
Club Title Cabaret, Savoy, Maxim's, Stork, 54, Saloon etc Song Term
Courante Courant, Coranto, etc. Song Term
Crawl Crawl, Slide, Slither, etc Song Term
Dance ~ Song Term
Dancer ~ Song Term
Dancing ~ Song Term
Danse Dans, Danse, Danser, Dansing, Danseur Song Term
Danza ~ Song Term
Dip ~ Song Term
Drag Drag, Slow Drag, Varsity Drag, Draggin', Dragging etc. Song Term
Drinks Drink, rinking, Drunk, Alcohol, Water, Juice, Soda, Whiskey, Vodka, Whino, Wine, Tea, Gin, reference, etc. Song Term
Drug Cocaine, Weed, Heroin, Pot, LSD etc. in song title. Song Term
East Coast ~ Song Term
Fandango Fandango, Fandangle etc. Song Term
Farandole ~ Song Term
Flamenco ~ Song Term
Flapper Flapper, Gigolo etc Song Term
Food Fruit, Steak, Potatoes, Yam etc. Song Term
Foxtrot Fox or Foxtrot, Fox-trot only Song Term
Fruit (see food) Apple, Peach, Banana, Grape, Rind, Peel Song Term
Funny ~ Song Term
Galliard Galliarde, Gagliarde, etc. Song Term
Geographic Locations: Texas, Paris, Alabama, Street, etc Song Term
Gigue / Jig Jig, Jigs, Jigger, Jigg, Gig, Gigg, Giga, Gigue, Juba Song Term
Glide ~ Song Term
Go-Go Go Go, Go-Go, etc. Song Term
Habanera Habanara, Habanera etc. Song Term
Hesitation / Hesitate Hesitate, Hesitation titles Song Term
Hoochy Hoochy, Hoochie, Cooche, Coochie, Hooch, etc. Song Term
Hop ~ Song Term
Hornpipe ~ Song Term
Jazz Jazz, Jazzin, Jass, Jas, Jazzing etc. Song Term
Jitter Jitter, Jitterbug, Jitterin' Jittering etc. Song Term
Jive Jive, Jiver, Jivin' etc. Song Term
Latin Latin Song Term
Low Low, Lowdown, Lowest, Lower etc. Song Term
Mambo ~ Song Term
March ~ Song Term
Maxixe Maxie, Mattichichi, etc Song Term
Mazurka (Mazourka) ~ Song Term
Mess Around Messin', Messing, Mess'n, Fool Around etc. Song Term
Minstrel Minstrel, Minstrelsy, Blackface, Juba, Jim Crow, D-Rice etc. Song Term
Minuet Minuet, Minuette Song Term
Mooch Mooch, Mooche, Moocher, Moochin' etc. Song Term
Moresca ...coming soon Morris, Hobby Horse, Moor, Mauresca etc. Song Term
Names Peoples Names in Song Titles Names
Pastorale ~ Song Term
Pavane Pavan, Pavana Song Term
Polka Polka, Polska, Polish Song Term
Polonaise ~ Song Term
Quadrille ~ Song Term
Racist/Racism, etc. titled Listings Coon, Darkie, Jim Crow, Cracker, Gigaboo, Fag, Whop, Gay, Sambo, Jazzbo, etc.
(sorry no Rap Titles ... too many)
Song Term
Rag Rag, Ragtime, Ragging, Rag'n etc. Song Term
Reel Reel, Reels, Reelin' etc. Song Term
Rent Rent, House, Apartment etc. Song Term
Rock Rock, Rockin', Rocking, Rocker Song Term
Rumba Rhumba, Rhoomba, Rumba, etc. Song Term
Sabre Sabre, Sword, Dagger, Knife Song Term
Saltarelo ~ Song Term
Samba Samba, Lundu, Lundau, etc Song Term
Saraband (Sarabanda, Sarabande, Zarabande) Song Term
Savoy Savoy Song Term
Sex | Sexy | Or refernce too. Sex, Sexy, Horny, Tramp, Get Off, Sleep with me etc. Song Term
Shag Shag, Shaggin, Shagging, Shagger, Shags Song Term
Shimmy Shimmy, Shimmie, Wiggle, Wobble, Shake, Shim, Sham, etc.) Song Term
Shuffle Shuffle, Shufflin', Shuffler etc. Song Term
Slide ...coming soon Song Term
Spanish ~ Song Term
Spooky Creep, Death, Devil, Ghost, Macbre, Vampire, etc Song Term
Step (1/2 or 3 Step etc, Stepper, Steppin') Song Term
Stomp ~ Song Term
Strut Strut, Struttin', Strutting, Strutter, Strutted etc. Song Term
Swing Swing, Swinger, Swingin', Swinging, Swang etc. Song Term
Syncopation Syncopate, Syncopatin', Syncopater, etc Song Term
Tango Dance Music List ~Tango, Tangle, Argentine etc. Dance Term
Tap Dance Music List Tap, Tappin' Tapping, Tapper, Taps, Hoofer Dance Term
Troika ~ Song Term
Trot Trot, Trotter, Trottin', Trotting etc. Song Term
Truckin' ~ Song Term
Twist Twist, Twistin', Twisting, Twister, Chubby, Checker, etc Song Term
Two-Step ~ Song Term
Valse ~ Song Term
Various / Other (dance Song Terms not listed here) Song Term
Volte (Volta) ...coming soon Song Term
Walk Walking, Walkin' Run, Jog, Crawl (no Gospel) Song Term
Waltz Waltz, Waltzer, Waltzin', Waltzing Song Term
Walzer ...coming soon Walzer, Walzen Song Term
West Coast Swing Music List not Song Terms but actual music used. Dance Term
Wedding Bride, Bridal, Groom, Matrimony, Wedding, Divorce etc Song Term
Zapateado Zapateado, Sapateado, etc. Song Term
?? ?? @
** All songs listed are for the dance Song Term used in the song's title, not for the dance itself ... List by: Sonny Watson **
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