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Dance Legend: AP=APache, BL=Ballet, BM=Ballroom, BO=Bolero, CA=Carioca, CG=Conga, CK=Cakewalk, CW=Country, JZ=Jazz, LT=Latin, MB=Mambo, OR=Oriental, RU=Rumba, SA=Samba, SQ=Square, SW=Swing, TG=Tango, TP=Tap, TW=Twist, YM=Yam, VAR=Various, WZ=Waltz,
Movie Title Date Type Dance Notables
Alexanders's Ragtime Band 1938 - Ameche, Faye, Dixie Dunbar
All American Co-Ed. 1941 - Francis Langford, Mickey & Betty Tanner,
Anchors Aweigh 1945 JZ Kelly, Sinatra
April In Paris 1952 - Reynolds, Bolger, Day, Flowers,
Athena 1954 VAR Reynolds, J.Powell (body building theme)
Band Wagon, The 1953 BM,JZ,TP Astaire, Charisse, Mattox, Bradley
Big Broadcast of 1938 1938 BM,JZ W.C. Fields, Hope, Raye
Birth Of The Blues 1941 - Bing Crosby
Born To Dance 1936 JZ,TP E. Powell, Ebsen, Stewart, Georges & Jalna, Gowland, Houghton, Keene, Mandel
Broadway Melody Of 1938 1937 BM,JZ,TP E. Powell, Murphy, Garland, Ebsen, Taylor, Houghton
Bye, Bye Birdie 1963 JZ,SW,TW Janet Leigh, Dyke, Margaret, Henning, Konzal,
Carousel 1956 BL,CW Jones, Jacques d'Amboise, de Mille & Alexander (Chor)
Curly Top 1935 TP Shirley Temple
Dames 1935 JZ,TP Dick Powell, Keeler, Flowers, Blunier, Douglas, Eddings, Faythe, Harper, Leopold,
Damn Yankees 1958 MB Verdon, Fosse
Dancing Darkey Boy 1897 Buck unknown
Date With Duke 1946 Animated Duke Ellington
Dimples 1936 TP Shirley Temple
Dirty Gertie from Harlem, U.S.A. 1946 VAR Francine Everette
Dolly Sisters, the 1945 VAR Grable, Haver, Havoc
Down To Earth (Xanadu) 1947 BM,JZ Hayworth, Gray, Waterhouse
Duke Is Tops [DVD] (Bronze Venus) 1938 SW Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, Criner, Hawley
Easter Parade 1948 - Astaire, Garland, Miller, Bell, Houghton, Jackson, Priest, Turnell,
Finian's Rainbow 1968 - Astaire, Clark, Steele
Five Pennies 1959 JZ Kaye, Weld, Armstrong
Footlight Serenade 1942 BM,JZ Grable, Pan, Bud & Jim Mercer,
For Me And My Gal 1942 JZ Garland, Kelly, Murphy, Ann Rooney, Waterhouse, Wells
Funny Face 1957 BM,TP Astaire, Hepburn, Parker & Harnett, Eastman, Don Powell
Funny Girl 1968 - Streisand, Sharif, Ziegfeld dancers,
Give a Girl a Break 1953 BM Marge & Gower Champion, Reynolds, Fosse, Chakiris
Gold Diggers Of 1935 1935 JZ,LT Dick Powell, Shep Houghton, Matty King, Ramon & Rosita
Goldwyn Follies 1938 - Edgar Bergen, Ritz Bros, Zorina, Austin, Goldwyn Girls, Drew
Green Pastures 1936 Vernacular Jazz Edna Mae Harris
Great Waltz, The 1938 WZ Luise Rainer, Zita Baca, Bess Flowers, Rita Waterhouse
Jazz On A Summers Day 1958 - Louis Armstrong (Many Musicians)
Hallelujah! 1929 - Nina Mae McKinnly
Han's Christian Anderson 1952 - Danny Kaye, Roland Petite, Barrie Chase
Harvey Girls, The 1946 - Judy Garland, Bolger, O'Brien, Charisse, Brooks, Hall, Lee, Maley, leslie, O'Kelly, Van Nuys, Waters, Whitney
Hello, Frisco, Hello 1943 JZ, June Havoc, Averill, Clemmons Jr. (Roller Skating)
Hit The Deck 1955 TP J. Powell, Reynolds, Ann Miller, Pan
Holiday in Mexico 1946 VAR J.Powell, McDowell, Cugat, Donen was Choreogrpher
In The Good Old Summertime 1949 - Judy Garland, Van Johnson, Minnelli
Jungle Jig 1941 - Short: (2 mins) Dorothy Dandridge sings and dances
Just Around The Corner 1938 TP Temple, Bojangles Robinson,
King And I 1956 BM,OR Kerr, Brynner, Moreno, De Lappe,
King Of Jazz, The 1930 VAR Paul Whiteman
Kiss Me Kate 1953 - K. Grayson, Keel, Miller, Fosse, Haney, Rall, Coyne, Pan
La Bamba 1987 Varies Ritchie Valens Story (a little dancing)
Lazy Bones 1941 Vernacular Short (16 min) Dorothy Dandridge, Peter Ray
Littlest Colonel, the 1935 TP Bojangles, Temple
Little Miss Broadway 1938 TP Temple, Murphy, Durante
Littlest Rebel, the 1935 TP Bojangles,Temple, Holt
Lovely to Look At 1952 BM,TP Marge and Gower Champion, Ann Miller
Lullaby of Broadway 1951 - Day, Nelson, De Mattiazzi, Houghton
Mary Poppins 1964 - Julie Andrews, Dick V-Dyke
Moon Over Harlem 1939 VAR Bud Harris,
Moon Over Miami 1941 CG,JZ,TP Grable , Condos Bros, Jack Cole & Co., Humbert, Lessing, Pan,
Mother Wore Tights 1947   Grable, Dailey, Kirchner,
Music Man, the 1962 VAR Jones, Preston
My Fair Lady 1964 - A. Hepburn, Rex Harrison
Nancy Goes to Rio 1950 WZ, Miranda, J.Powell, Southern,
Oklahoma 1955 BM,BL,JZ Dealy, Gordon Mcgrae, Jones, Kilgas, Linn, Workman, Bosler, Brown, Taylor, Treux, Fisher, Platt
On The Town 1949 JZ Kelly, Sinatra, Miller, Ellen, Haney,
Paint Your Wagon 1969 JZ Clint Eastwood
Paradise In Harlem 1940 - Frank Wilson, Mamie Smith
Pete Kelly's Blues 1955 - Jack Webb (some good musicians)
Pin Up Girl 1944 AP,TP Grable, Raye, Condos Bros, Blue, Flowers, Pan
Poor Little Rich Girl 1936 TP Temple
Roman Scandals 1933 - Eddie Cantor, Ball
Rosalie 1937 TP E. Powell
Roxie Hart 1942 JZ,TP Ginger Rogers,
Second Chorus 1940 BM,TP Astaire, Goddard, Pan,
See You In My Dreams 1951 VAR Thomas, Day, Landry, Williams,
Ship Ahoy 1942 JZ,TP,SW E. Powell, Sinatra, Stafford, Zita Baca, James, Karels, Knight, Mayon, Hal Rand, Teske
Show Boat 1936 CK,JZ Irene Dunne, Maude Allen, Prinz, Pepper,
Singing In The Rain 1952 - G. Kelly, O'Connor, Reynolds, Charrise, Moreno, Maxey, Chatham, Rickert, Coyne, Denise, Flowers
Silk Stockings 1957 BM,TP Astaire, Charrise, Brascia, Chase
Small Town Girl 1953 TP Ann Miller, J.Powell, Burke,
South Pacific 1958 - Gaynor, Kerr, Savage, Pouget
Sound Of Music, The 1965 - Julie Andrews
Springtime in the Rockies 1942 SA,SW,LT Grable, Collins, McGowen, Miranda, Greenwood, Romero, Flowers,
Stars And Stripes Forever 1952 - Cliffton Webb, George Chakiris
State Fair 1945 - Jeanne Crain, Flowers,
Stowaway 1936 - Temple
Swingtime 1936 BM,TP Astaire, Rogers, Good, Kerr, O'Keefe, O'Shea, Brande, Brooks, Flowers
Take Me Out To The Ball Game 1949 Jazz Kelly, Sinatra, Dorothy Abbot, Sally Forrest, Kulky
The Jolson Story 1946 Jazz Helen O'Hara, Flowers,
The Story Of Jazz - - Louis Armstrong
This Is The Army 1943 JZ,SW Cagney, Murphy, James Cross, Gene Nelson,
Three for the Show 1955 JZ Grable, Jack Cole, Marge and Gower Champion
Three Little Words 1950 JZ Astaire, Ellen, Reynolds, De Haven,
Unsinkable Molly Brown 1964 JZ Reynolds, Gwen Verdon
Up In Arms 1944 JZ Kaye, Goldwyn Girls, Gest, Mayo, Darling, Amour, Barlow, Knight, Korn, McAllister, Raymond, Robinson, Shaw, Wayne, Williams
West Point Story 1950 JZ,TP Cagney, Day, Mayo, Turnbull
West Side Story 1961 JZ Natalie Wood, Chakiris, Moreno, Tamblyn, Banas, Astin
Wonder Man 1945 - Kaye, Ruiz, Mascagno, Nyles, Pietila, Pinson, Teske, Simmons, Cutler, Jean, Kepler, LaReine, Cunningham
Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942 JZ James Cagney, Leslie, Foy Jr, Brooks, Flatley, Wilde
You'll Never Get Rich 1941 BM,TP, CK Astaire, Hayworth, Forrest Prince, Waterhouse
You Were Never Lovelier 1942 BM,TP Astaire, Hayworth, Brooks, Cugat, Mara,
Weekend in Havana 1941 BM,LT Grable, Miranda, Romero
Ziegfeld Follies 1946 - Astaire, Kelly, Ball, Garland, Bremmer, Brice, Horne, Grayson, Charisse, Skelton, Mattox, Waterhouse, Van Nuys, Arthur Walsh, Booth, Casey,
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