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Beginning, Wednessays, Club PRIVATE LESSONS ♂♀
with Sonny Watson
Call Sonny: 818.606.9402
(Up to Two People)

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California Dance Studio's Location
5678 Dance Studio ~ Buddy Schwimmer ~ W.C., Hustle, Hustle, NC2, Jazz ~ San Bernardino
ConneXions Dance Studio ~ Louise Bretz ~ W.C., Hustle ~ Ventura
Dance Dimensions ~ Lisa Tramell ~ W.C., NC2, Hustle, Country ~ Woodland Hills
Dance Dynamics ~ Skippy Blair ~ Universal Unit System / Teacher Training ~ Downey
Danscene Studio ~ Martin Parker ~ Ballroom, WCS, Lindy, Hustle ~ Costa Mesa
Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio ~ Rosemary Rand ~ Spins /Turns /Jazz ~ North Hollywood
Central Coast Dance Studio ~ John Wheaton ~ W.C., Hustle, NC2, Country ~ Santa Maria
Have To Dance ~ Kelly Buckwalter ~ W.C., Hustle, NC2, Country ~ San Francisco
Let's Dance ~ Enio & Robert Cordoba ~ Latin, Salsa, W.C. Swing, Ballroom ~ Florida
Michelle Kincaid ~ Michelle Kincaid ~ West Coast Swing, Hustle, NC2 ~ San Francisco
Starlight Studio ~ Michael Keihm ~ W.C. Swing, NC2, Salsa, Hustle, Ballroom, Latin ~ San Diego
Phill Adams Dance ~ Phil Adams ~ W.C. Swing, Hustle, Ballroom, Country ~ Bellflower
Top Cats Dance Studio ~ Jack and Rachel Smith ~ Country Western, W.C. Swing, Hustle, Ballroom, Lindy. ~ Placentia
West Coast Dance Theatre ~ Sonny Watson ~ W.C., Hustle, NC2, Country, Latin ~ San Fernando Valley

Non-Southern California

Cornell Univesity ~ Kurt Lichtman ~ Ballroom, Swing ~ Ithica, NY
Dance Factory ~ Mario Robau ~ Whip, Push, W.C, Hustle ~ Houston, TX
Dance Manhattan Studio ~ Teddy Kern ~ West Coast Swing, Ballroom ~ New York
Debbie Ramsey-Boz ~ Debbie Ramsey ~ West Coast Swing ~ Georgia
Jerry Crim ~ (d.) Jerry Crim ~ West Coast, Supreme Swing ~ Oklahoma
Terry Rippa ~ Terry Rippa ~ Push, Whip, Swing ~ Dallas, Texas
Touch Of Class Studio ~ Mike & Amber Cross ~ West Coast, Hustle, Salsa ~ Phoenix, Arizona

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