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Beginning, Wednessays, Club PRIVATE LESSONS ♂♀
with Sonny Watson
Call Sonny: 818.606.9402
(Up to Two People)

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Various Dress and Fashion Books

1940s Fashion Book
$ 1940s
Fashion Book

How to do those 1940s Hairstyles
$ 1940s

Nakeup of the 1930s and 1940s
$ Makeup -

Costume Construction

A Gentlemens Guide to Appearance
Gentlemens Guide to Apperance

Gentlemen - How To Tie Ties!
$ How To Tie Ties
What People Wore - Ancient to Twentieth
What People
$ Decades of Beauty

$ Dressing for Women
over age 40

Multiple Era's and Centuries

Costumes through the Middle Ages The Looking Glass - 1860 to present What People Wore - Ancient to Present Fashion thru the ages, From Petticoats to overcoats. Clothing, the past 1000 years
Through the Ages 1860 to Present What People Wore Fashion thru Ages 1000 Years Clothes

Victorian, Edwardian etc. Period Costumes and Fashions

Victorian Fashions The Vistorians Edwardian    
Victorian Fashions The Victorians      

700 - 1500s (Middle Ages) Costume and Fashions

Dress in the Middle ages Medieval Costumes Tailors Pattern Book
Renaissance Fashions
Dress Middle Ages Medieval Costumes      

1800s Fashions and Costumes

Metropolitan Fashions from the 1880s 19th Cent Costume
Book of Costume
Metro Fashions        

1900s Fashions and Costumes

Elite Fashions Catalog - 1904        
Elite Fashions        

1910s Fashions and Costumes

Everyday Fashions        
Everyday Fashions        

1920s Fashions and Costumes

Everyday Fashions for the 1920s Desenos de la Moda en los Anos 1920 Philipsborn
B. Altman & Co.
Everyday Fashions Desenos 1920s      

1930s Fashions and Costumes

Everyday Fashions for 1930s Great Fashion Design
Fashions of a Decade
Everyday Fashions        

1940s Fashions and Costumes

1940s Fashions of the decade How To do those 1940s Hairstyles Everyday Fashions of the 1940s 1940s Fashions  
Fashions of Decade 1940s Hairstyles Everyday Fashions Fashion Book  

1950s Fashions and Costumes


1960s Fashions and Costumes

Vivienne Westqood, Fashion, Perversity and the sixties laid bare        
1960s Laid Bare        

1970s Fashions and Costumes

1970s Fashions 1970s Fashion Design Fashion of a Decade 1970s Sears  
$ 1970s Fashions Fashion Design Fashion Decade    

1980s Fashions and Costumes

  Great Fashion Design        

French Fashions and Costumes

Paris Fashion and Cultural History Paris Hairstyles The Culture of Clothing in Paris Paris Fashions of the 1890s Authentic French Fashions of the 1920s
Cultural History Hairstyles - 1910s Clothing Culture 1890s - Paris 1920s French

English Fashions Fashions and Costumes

New England Costumes English Fashions      
New England        

American Fashions and Costumes

Vanity Rules,  A History of American Fashion and Beauty Colonial Fashions
  What Americans Wore
Vanity Rules        

Italian Fashions and Costumes

Italian Renaissance Costumes Costume of Ancient Rome      
Italian Renaissance        

Greek / Egyptian Fashions and Costumes

Ancient Greek Costumes Ancient Egyptian Costumes Egyptian Fashions  
Ancient Greek Egyptian Costumes      

Oriental Fashions and Costumes

Women of the Tang Dynasty Imperial Wardrobe

Japanese Fashions

Costume & Clothes

Tang Dynasty Imperial Wardrobe      

Country Type Fashions and Costumes

Amanda Goes West        
Amanda Goes West        

Other Fashions, Costumes, Makeup etc.

The Magic Makeover - How to Dress, Thinner, Younger etc. Makeup styles of the 1930s-1950s How to do the Eyebrows of the 1930s and 1940s The Art of African Fashions Women's Shoes
History of Womens Costume
Sewing Skirts
Dress Thinner, Younger 20s,30s,40s,50s Era Eyebrows African Fashions  
Stylin', African American Expression from Its... Folk Costumes      
Stylin' Folk Costumes      
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