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National WCS Club Listings, Including Push, Whip, DC Hand Dance and Shag!

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This page lists Swing Dance Clubs across the Nation. Below list is Sortable. Dances in ( ) are done there as well. Phone Numbers and Links may change.
List is SORTABLE by "Double Clicking" on a column's title header (Club Name, City, State, Phone, Type. etc.)
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Club Name City State Phone Dances Types Lessons
Atlanta Swing Dancers Club Atlanta Georgia - WCS Yes
Bay Area Whip Dance Club League City (Houston) Texas (281) 485-3353 Whip (Push, WCS) Yes
Biggest Little Swing Dance Club Reno Nevada - WCS (NC2, C/W, Hustle) Yes
British Columbia Swing Dance Club Burnaby Canada (604) 928-1942 WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Buckeye Bop Club Columbus Ohio - Shag (WCS)  
Capital Swing Dance Club Sacramento California No Phone # WCS Yes
Carrie Lucas Avante Garde Newport Beach California (714) 296-8061 WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Central Coast Swing Dance Santa Maria California (805) 937-1574 WCS Yes
Corvette City Bop & Dance Club Bowling Green Kentucky - Bop/Shag (WCS)  
Dallas Push Club Dallas Texas No Phone # Push (WCS, Whip, NC2, Hustle) Yes
Dancing Till Dawn Kona ? Hawaii No Phone # WCS (Ballroom) Yes
Danscene Studio Dance Costa Mesa California (714) 641-8688 WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Daytona Beach Boppers Daytona Beach Florida - Bop/Shag (WCS)  
Desert Swing Dance Club Palm Springs California (760) 832-9229 WCS Yes
Duck's Beach Club North Myrtle Beach South Carolina (843) 663-3858 Shag (WCS)  
Eugene Swing Dance Club Eugene Oregon - WCS Yes
Fat Harold's Beach Club North Myrtle Beach South Carolina (843) 249-5779 Shag (WCS)  
Gotham Swing Dance Club Manhattan New York (800) 546-3692 WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Greater Phoenix Swing Club Phoenix Ariona - WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Greater Triad Shag Club Greensboro North Carolina - Shag (WCS)  
Hacienda Hotel and Sports Bar El Segundo California (310) 615-0015 WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
John Festa's Frames New York New York No Phone # WCS Yes
Little Rock Bop Club Little Rock Arkansas - Bop/Shag (WCS) Yes
Loafers Beach Club Raleigh North Carolina (919) 872-5335 Shag (WCS)  
Los Angeles Swing Dance Club Long Beach California (714) 826-6712 WCS Yes
Magic City Boppers Birmingham Alabama - Bop/Shag (WCS)  
Memories Beach Club Atlantic Beach North Carolina (252) 240-7424 Bop/Shag (WCS)  
Mid Ohio Boogie Club Columbus Ohio (614) 846-0300 Shag (WCS, ECS, Hustle, Detroit) Yes
Milwaukee R.E.B.E.L.S. SDC n/a Milwaukee No Phone # WCS Yes
Next Generation Swing Dance Club San Francisco California - WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
North East R.E.B.E.L.S. SDC Greenville Wisconsin (708) 609-6030 WCS Yes
Orange County WCS Dance Club La Placentia California (866) 206-9076 WCS (Hustle, NC2, C/W) Yes
Portland Swing Dance Club Portland Oregon No Phone # WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Redwood Empire Swing Dance Club Sonoma County California - WCS  
Rhythm and Souls Dance Club Las Vegas Nevada (702) 723-SPIN WCS Yes
River City Boppers Memphis Tennessee (662) 536-2077 Bop/Shag (WCS) Yes
Rocky Mountain Swing Dance Club Denver Colorado (720) 984-2124 WCS YES
Saint Louis R.E.B.E.L.S. SDC Saint Louis Missouri (314) 332-1288 x802 Imperial (ECS, WCS) Yes
San Diego Swing Dance Club El Cajon California (858) 274-6422 WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Seattle Swing Dance Club Seattle Washington No Phone # WCS (Hustle, NC2) Yes
Shag Atlanta Home Page Atlanta Georgia - Shag (WCS)  
S.O.S. Myrtle Beach North Carolina - Shag (WCS)  
Spokane Swing Dance Club Spokane Washington No Phone # WCS Yes
Strictly Swing New Mexico Albuquerque New Mexico (505) 821-4733 WCS Yes
Swing Dance Club of Hawaii Oahu Hawaii (808) 457-9818 WCS Yes
Tampa Bay Beach Boppers Tampa Florida No Phone # Bop (WCS, Shag) Yes
Texas Classic Push Club Houston Texas No Phone # Push (WCS, Whip, Hustle, NC2) Yes
Thirsty's 2 Greensboro North Carolina (336) 218-0074 Shag (WCS) Yes
Two Left Feet Danville California (925) 831-8111 WCS (NC2, Hustle, C/W) Yes
Valley Swing Dance Club Los Angeles California (818) 606-9402 WCS (Hustle, Lindy, Salsa, NC2) Yes
West Coast Swing Alaska Anchorage Alaska (-?) 244-1505 WCS (NC2, Hustle) Yes
West Coast Swing Dance Club Westminister California (714) 893-5005 WCS Yes
West Coast Swing University Dance Novato California   WCS Yes
WnY Warehouse Novato California (415) 828-3408 WCS (NC2) Yes
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