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Ahhh!, Pin-Ups! ... (these pages need to be re-done, a very old format that I have not gotten to yet, however there is some stuff here, so leaving these pages up for now)

What would World War II and Swing Dancers have done, without "Pin Ups". These are a collection of some famous Pin-Ups that you probably have never seen. They make a great collectable as well as nice wall hangings. Originals can be very expensive, but many are found in old Playboy, Esquire, Saturday Evening Post etc. magazines as well as old calendars and more. There are quite a few sites that sell Pin-Ups as well as E-Bay!... Have Fun!

Name Artist Pose Model? Note Date
1920s Pin - Ups Unknown Various Unknowns n/a 1920s
1930s Pin - Ups Unknown Various Unknown n/a 1930s
1940s Pin - Ups Unknown Various Unknown n/a 1940s
1950s Pin - Ups Unknown Various Unknown n/a 1950s
Armstrong Pin -Ups Rolf Armstrong Various Various n/a 1920s
Baz Pin - Ups Ben Huh Baz Various Various Esquire etc 1940s
Betty Grable n/a n/a Betty Grable Actress, Pin-Up 1940s
Pressler Pin - Ups Gene Pressler Different Various n/a 1920s
Jayne Mansfield n/a Sitting Jayne Mansfield Non Dancer 1940s
Moran Pin - Ups Earl Moran Various Various n/a n/a
Olive Thomas UNK Flower Olive Thomas Ziegfeld Star 1930s
Valle Pin - Ups A. Valle Various Various n/a 1900s
Vargas Pin - Ups Alberto Vargas Different n/a n/a 1940s
April 13, 2013

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