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The Neovellette dance

The Novelette Dance Directions
This is a dance sheet paraphrased from the "Dance magazine" for the Novelette routine.
Below are the directions or instructions on How to do this vintage Ballroom dance.
  1. Introduction (Pict1): Pantomime, 1-8
  2. Measures 1-2: Both sitting as side table left.
  3. Measures 3-4: Girl rises, skips to center floor, reads program to see with whom she next dances.
  4. Measures 5-8: Man runs (small steps) up to girl, reads program over her shoulder, then taps her on the shoulder. She looks around; in pantomime he asks her to dance. She indicates her full-program. Man leans over, takes program from her, insists on her dancing with him. Places program in pocket; they pose as in pic1.
  5. Measures 9-10: Man and girl advance toward eachother, the separate, taking 4 skips forward. In opposite directions; girl left man right.
  6. Measures 11-12: Leaning forward, bodies front but looking at each other, Tap step: on 1 stamp right, on 2 stamp L, on 3 stamp Right-Left, on 4 stamp Right-Left. Repeat 1-2-3-4.
  7. Measures 13-16: Repeat last four measures. Bodies facing each other, profile to audience, still leaning forward from waist.
  8. Measures 17-20: Arm in arm, from center front, turn back to audience and repeat movement in measures 9-12.
  9. Measure 21-24: Slide on right foot to right on 1; bring left foot back to right knee on 2; on 3 extend left leg to side; on 4 bring left foot in front of right knee. Repeat to other side for measure 22. Repeat for 23-24, making circle through 4 measure.
  10. Measures 25-26: On 1, hop back on right foot; on 2 drag left foot back to it; on 3 step forward on right; on 4 drag left foot up to it; on 1 kick right foot forward; on 2 kick left foot back; on 3 kick high right foot forward; on 4 bring right foot front of left knee again.
  11. Measure 27: On 1, kick high with right foot. On 2 bring right foot across left in back, on 3 step on left foot to side, on 4 bring right foot across in front of left, and then bring right foot in back of left.
  12. Measure 28: Repeat measure 27.
  13. Measure 29: On 1 jump into position with feet apart; on 2 jump into position with right foot crossed over left; on 3 jump into position with left foot crossed over right; on 4 pirouette right without moving foot.
  14. Measure 30: on 1, step on left; on 2 kick up with right; on 3 step on right.
  15. Measure 31: On 1, cross right foot over left; on 2 step on left; on three step back on right; on 4 slide left foot back to right foot.
  16. Measure 32: On 1, Cross right foot over left; on 2 cross left foot over right, jumping on left foot; on 3 kick right up; on 4 kick left foot back.
  17. Measures 33-34: On 1, Cross right foot over left; on 2 cross left foot over right, jumping on left foot; on 3 kick right up; on 4 kick left foot back.
  18. Measure 35: Kick right foot in front on 1; on 2 kick right foot side. Repeat 3 and 4.
  19. Measure 36: On 1, kick right foot front; On 2 kick side; On 3 and 4 girl kicks left forward.
  20. Measure 37-39: Man holds girls foot pointing at it with right hand ( Pantomime saying "Naughty toe!") Girl holds hands in front of shoulders, palms toward man, hopping on right foot once to each count.
  21. Measure 40: Man swings girl around releasing her foot and then finishing in position shown in picture 3.
  22. Measure 41: Man behind girl with her hands on her waist; 4 skips forward.
  23. Measure 42: Man kneels, girl sits on his right knee.
  24. Measure 43: Girl sits with both hands on her knees, feet together on tip toes. Man, standing behind her puts his hands on her hands and draws them apart and back shoulder high.
  25. Measure 44: Girl leans back as if to kiss him and extends right foot up from floor; rises and pirouettes on right foot finishing as in picture 4.
  26. Measure 45-48: Repeat last 4 measures.
  27. Measure 49: In opposite directions each takes 3 slide steps ( girl to left, man to right): On count 4 jump in arabesque on left foot. Man jumps on right foot.
  28. Measure 50: Tap step: On 1, stamp right foot (crossing right foot over left) step left, then right, tiny steps; on 2 stamp on left foot (crossing left foot over right); step right, then left; repeat for next 2 counts.
  29. Measure 51-52: Repeat measures 49-50. Girl crossing in front of man, man crossing back of girl on slide.
  30. Measure 53: On 1, brush right foot front and back to back of left knee; on 2 kick right foot out to side; on 3 bring foot in front of left knee; on 4 kick out again.
  31. Measure 54: On 1, jump into position with right foot cross back of left; on 2 slide left foot out in circle to left until left foot is crossed back of right as in picture 3.
  32. Measure 55-56: Pointing at left foot hopping on right foot turn to right to make complete circle by 6 counts; on 7 jump on right foot, left foot back; on 8 step back on left foot.
  33. Measure 57-70: CUT. Cut  (note: not sure what this means).
  34. Measure 71: Four sliding steps to right, man back of girl holding both arms out to side, shoulder high.
  35. Measure 72: On 1 and 2 girl makes curtsey to right; on 3 and 4 repeat to left. Man does same on opposite side behind girl.
  36. Measure 73: Repeat measure 72.
  37. Measure 74: Man lifts girl into the air holding her waist; girl does back cabriole.
  38. Measure 75-78: Repeat last 4 measures.
  39. Measure 79: On 1, coming out of lift, pantomime: man tries to kiss girl; girl refuses with hand shielding her face; on 2,3 and 4 they take 3 skips in circle away from each other, meeting after third skip.
  40. Measure 80: Tap step, facing each other.
  41. Measure 81-86: Pantomime; man takes program from pocket, points to program indicating all dances for him. She accepts, they throw back heads, smiling at one another, join arms and strut back to table, sit down and finish routine with elbows on table, chin on hands, looking at each other as in beginning.
  42. END Of Description!
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