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Jitterbugs [1943]

Laurel and Hardy "Jitterbugs"
Movie Poster




20th Century - Fox
Malcolm St. Clair, Monty Banks
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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Viviane Blaine

   In Jitterbugs, Stan and Ollie, stars of the Zoot Suit Band, encounter a scam artist who allegedly can turn water into gasoline with an invented pill.

   Together, the three men swindle their ways into absurd situations, culminating in hilarious scenes of Stan disguised as a wealthy elderly lady who at one point declares, to a bunch of gangsters, that she's feeling "quite gay."

   Clever double-entendres, subtle wordplay, and co-star Vivian Blaine make this film wonderful. And yes there is a lengthy Jitterbug dance scene.