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Tennessee Wig Walk

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Photo of Dance: The Tennessee Wig Walk.
Words By: Norman Gimbal | Music By: Larry Coleman | Sung By: The Tanner Sisters, or Bonnie Lou. | Circa: 1953

(Sheet Music dance staged by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Prosen)

(Sheet Music Instructions Below).
Wig Walk
$) Purchase / Listen to: Tennessee Wig-Walk Song
Basic Wig Walk Steps: (# = Measures) (Measure = 4 Beats).
Starting Position:
RIGHT hand star, Leaders on inside facing 'Line of Dance' (Counter Clockwise) and Followers on outside facing 'RLOD' (Clockwise.) Both use same feet. # 1 – 2 POINT LEFT FOOT FRONT, POINT LEFT FOOT TO SIDE, then LEFT BEHIND, SIDE RIGHT, CLOSE LEFT;... Partners change sides, both facing as before, but making a LEFT handed star. # 3 – 4 POINT RIGHT FOOT FRONT, POINT RIGHT FOOT SIDE, RIGHT FOOT BEHIND, SIDE LEFT, CLOSE RIGHT;... Leaders now on the inside in original position in RIGHT handed star. # 5 – 6 WALK-AROUND, 2, 3, BRUSH FOOT; WALK AROUND, 2, 3, BRUSH FOOT;... Walk around in a Right handed star, to original position then drop hands. # 7 WALK FORWARD: LEADERS move in 'LOD' and FOLLOWERS in 'RLOD' 2, 3, BRUSH FOOT; ... Say Hi! to this new dancer. # 8 GO TO THE NEXT FOLLOWER, 2, 3, TOUCH; Join Right hands to repeat, starting again at number 1 above, continuing til the song ends.
November 7, 2012