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Wedding Dances

--There were many Hymenia (Wedding Dances) dances thru-out the world and we will list a few here. Today the main wedding dance is the American Ballroom Waltz here in the states with the Foxtrot being second, however this does not mean that other dances such as swing, salsa and Nightclub Two Step, etc are not at all used from time to time, but the Waltz is king here. Couples that are getting married start about six weeks before their wedding and learn the basic waltz as well as some patterns to move along the floor, sprinkled with a little love dust and walla, the couple has their first dance as husband and wife.

"#BFDBF9">--- Hymenial Dance was performed at marriage festivals by young men and girls crowned with flowers. This dance in all its parts was expressive of the mirth and happiness incident to such occasions. It was usually continued to the dawn of nextday, and the newly married couple, if not taking part, were expected to witness it."#BFDBF9">

--- Samoan Wedding Dance : In the Samoa Islands the wedding dance was performed after the bride has been led away by the husband. The spectators are seated in a circle around a clear space, and keep up a monotonous chant. The men first enterd the circle, led by a young chief, and wearing only a small leaf apron, so as to show off the tattoo to the best advantage. Their leader goes through a vast number of steps, sometimes leaping high in the air, and sometimes executing movements of a slower and more graceful character, while every step is watched andcriticised as it is danced by the leader, and imitated by his followers. After the men have danced for some time they retire, and a number of girls enter, who go through evolutions of a similar character and afterward both men and women danced together.

"#BFDBF9">--- Ballet: The first modern ballet seems to have been first produced on a considerable scale in 1480, at Tortona, before Duke Galcazzo, of Milan, on the occasion of his marriage with Isabella of Aragon. It soon became the principal amusement for all great occasions at the European courts and "Religion Uniting Great Britain to the Rest of the World," danced at London on the marriage of the Princess Elizabeth to the Elector Frederick, plus many, many others.

"#BFDBF9">--- Kaffir wedding dance: is performed by the women forming in two lines, with the bride in the centre. A lively air is struck up, when the whole body of warriors rushed from all parts of the camp, beating on their shields and making terrible noises. Dancing and singing was then continued for an hour. After refreshments were served the bride, who has remained standing alone in the centre of the dancers, advances to her intended husband and dances before him, amid the shouts of the bystanders. When wearied with dancing the husband leads her off and the ceremony is ended.

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