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the Tyrolienne

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The Tyrolene DANCERS History Picture
The Tyrolienne

                Tyrolienne (T-Rolly-in) The "Holy Land of Tirol" sits in the heart of the spectacular Alps, astride the mountain passes that link the edges of Europe. The Peasants of Tirol , had one of the most pleasant and grotesque dances that can be imagined in triple-meter. They perform it in a sort of holy-day dress, made of skins, and adorned with ribbons. They wear wooden shoes, not incuriously painted; and the women especially express a kind of rural simplicity and frolic of mirth, which had a very agreeable effect.

    The Redowa is frequently executed under the name of "Tyrolienne" and many compositions have been made up of genuine Tyrolese airs. The melodies (3/4) of the Tyrolese dances and Alpine songs called "Yodelers and Landlers", done at weddings and festivals. The leader asks for her hand to dance, gently turns her, goes down on one knee and she turns around him, then perhaps lifts her high in the air.

    The Dance:
Is the third part of the Varsoviana , or more correctly, the 27th tour de Mazourka; is a pretty and very easy movement, and consists of only one figure:

    First gentleman balance to second lady, and swing a round with right hand; joining the left hand to the third lady's left hand, at the same time the first lady balances to second gentleman, and swing a round with left hand; then, still keeping hold, join the left hand to the third gentleman's left hand.

    In this position set, and first gentleman swings the lady on his right with his right hand, while the first lady swings the third gentleman who is on her right hand with her right hand; first lady and gentleman, still keeping hold, join their left hands, which bring them into La Poule figure; the four balance, and each gentleman swings the lady on his right with his right hand, then Pousette. This dance requires a slow waltz of four phrases.

The term Tyrolienne is also used to refer to a style of early 19th century ballet music.

            EXTRA: Sauce Tyrolienne recipe: (fanny merrit -circa 1918)
    To three-fourths cup Mayonnaise add one-half tablespoon each finely chopped capers and parsley, one finely chopped gherkin, and one-half can tomatoes, stewed, strained, and cooked until reduced to two tablespoons. Serve with any kind of fried fish. (This page under-construction)


Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

Tirol 1800s? n/a Peasant/Folk

Posters, Lobby Cards etc.

Sheet Music Covers

Music Titles

n/a In An Alpine Hut - (Richard Krentzlin) Croquis et agaceries d'un gros bonhomme en bois
      1890 - Tyrolienne $ Valse Tyrolienne by Norbert Gingold CD
Browse Sheet

Villageoises, petites pièces infantines, for piano, FP 65 1
      Tyrolean Melody (Auber's La Fiancée) , S385a
      $ Jodler Songs: Music from the Tyrol CD
      $ Music of Bavaria & Tyrol CD
        Dream of the Tyrolienne (Edison Cylinder #1795) By Venetian Inst.!
        TIROLI - TIROLA (da suza)

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n/a n/a Tirol
            The Austrian Alps

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1903 - Tyrolienne Dance n/a William Tell
1964 - Summer in Tyrol            



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Dancers, Choreographers etc.


LULLY, Jean-Baptiste De (1632-1687)   n/a
Tyroliers, the (1952's) Edgewater Room, Chicago.    

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...

Title Author Published Publisher
A Treatise on the Art of Dancing Gallini, Giovanni Andrea 1762 R. Dodsley (London)



Poets / Writers

n/a n/a
Liszt, Franz> (1811-1886)        
LULLY, Jean-Baptiste De (1632-1687)        
Schubert, Franz (1797-1828)        

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