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The Toddle

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Arthur Murray and Miss Faith Dorsey of Georgia doing the Toddle . circa 1921
The Toddle

         May have sprung up from the earlier Todalo dance (Toddle-O) which was a booty shakin' dance, similar to the 'Chicago' version. It has a smack of Jazz and a splash of the shimmie. The Toddle came into popularity in 1917 and was extremely popular by the College and Flapper Set and found it easier to be springier and bouncy rather than smooth and graceful during a foxtrot. Later about 1921 the Toddle became briefly popular again after a little polishing. The Toddle could be done by some as refined as the minuet or as crude as the Bunny Hug.

   This dance was basically a Foxtrot except with a rise to the ball of the foot on each step creating a bounce (except in Corte's and Doubles), with a sideways direction which was the only change from its original foxtrot steps and done with a non chalant air about it's movement , while sometimes done Cheek-To-Cheek to make it the "Toddle Dance."

The dance was an offshoot of the Foxtrot with a leg flick and some of the steps/pattern names were the rocking step, the Shuffle, The Leg Lift, The Toddle Pivot and Backward Shuffle.

   The Chicago was very similar to the Toddle, except that the toddle's basic rhythm was in the hips, rather than the feet, making it the Chicago.


Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

USA 1910 n/a Collegiate
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Related Music Titles

n/a 1910 - I'm Satisfied (Todalo) 1910 - I'm Satisfied (Todalo)
      1914 - Let's Toddle at the Midnight Ball 1914 - Let's Toddle at the Midnight Ball
      1921 - The Toddle 1921 - The Toddle
      1922 - Chicago (That Toddlin' Town) 2 1922 - Chicago (That Toddlin Town)
            1930 - Toddlin' Along
            1930 - East St. Louis Toodle-oo (Duke)
            1959 - The Toddle
            Don't You Toddle Anymore
            Mississippi Blues (Home Town Toddle)
            Please Put on your Wraps & Toddle Home (Waring)
            $ Sales Tax Toddle
            Tail Toddle (Scots Celtic Tune)
            Toadie Toodle (1938-Kirk)
            Toodle On Down (Louis Jordon)
            Toddling the Todalo

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Persian Room n/a n/a
Rainbow Gardens (Chicago)        



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$1950 - Cheaper by the Dozen [DVD] n/a 1930 - Nine - Fifteen Revue


            7/3/1921 - Atlanta Constitution (Magazine Issue) How to Toddle
            Daily Illini (1920s)

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Clifton Webb & Jeanne Crain n/a n/a
Dorothy Day    

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$ Jazz Dance: Story of American Vernacular Dance
Stearns, Marshall 1994 DaCapo Press
$ Chicago Jazz: A Cultural History, 1904-1930
William Howland Kenney
1994 Oxford Univ Press

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Poets / Writers

Benson Orchestra of Chicago n/a n/a
Bert Grant
Duke Ellington        
Kern, Jerome        
Kirk, Andy        
McRill, Chandos (1959)        
Waring, Fred        

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Collegiate The Stroll   ??


Basic Steps Fig.1.
Take one walking step with the right foot, draw up the left one to the right, rise gently on the toes, and come down on heels. Take the next walking step with the right foot, draw up left foot, rise on toes, down on heels. Take third walking step with right foot, draw up left, rise on toes and down on heels. All walking steps in the same direction.
Fig. 2.
Take one walking step with the left foot, draw up right, rise on toes, down on heels. Second walking step with left foot, draw up right foot, rise on toes and down on heels. Third walking step with left foot, draw up right, rise on toes, down on heels.
Figs. 3-4.
Reverse walk.
Figs. 4-5.
Man leading to left and dancing Fox Trot step 1, 2, 3, to the side. Repeating the same to the right.
Figs. 5-6.
Repeat the Toddle walking steps as given above, counting two for each step. In toddling any step of the Fox Trot may be toddled if the time of two counts to each step is allowed, altho' the "Old Corte" and doubles are rarely toddled.

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