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Dancers doing the Suzy-Q in the 1938 film Swing
the SUSIE-Q!


   The Suzy-Q became popular in 1937. It is basically a step done along with or within another dance form. Can be done as a solo, couple or group.


   The Suzy-Q is most often connected with Jitterbug style and Lindy Hop Swing. It is listed among the Swing dances as a "Companion Dance".


This dance in general only consists of four steps or movements:
    1) first to the right, for four movements, (8 beats total)
    2) then repeat four times to the left (8 beats total).

    Hands are held low and together or clasped or interlocking little fingers in front of you, heel of right forward and start swiveling with body weight on heel, right to the left (like waving a finger back and forth but with foot), for eight beats then repeating with opposite foot (heel) in front of other moving to the right.

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Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

Harlem USA 1935 n/a SWING | Folk

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Music Titles

Black Thunder Swing Doin' The Suzy-Q Computer Music Suzy Q [MP3]
Cabin in the Sky (Swing Movie)       Doin' The Suzy-Q (Lil Armstrong)
Chick Webb and Ella Savoy (Swing)       Oh Suzy-Q [mp3] (Dale Hawkins) 1956
Daddy-O (Swing Movie)       Suzie-Q (Rolling Stones)
Groovie Movie (Swing Movie)       Suzy-Q [mp3] (Mickey Gilley)
Hellzapoppin' (Swing Movie Poster) 2       Suzy-Q (Huey 'Piano' Smith)
HI-DE-HO (Cab Calloway)        
Hot Mikado (Swing Play)        
Juke Girl (Swing Movie)        
Keep Punchin' (Swing Movie)        
Micheux Swing (Swing Art Print)        
Prisoner Of Swing (Swing Movie)        
Private Buckaroo (Swing Movie)        
Rock, Rock, Rock (ECS Swing Movie)        
Shag The Movie (Carolina Shag Dance)        
Stormy Weather (Bojangles, Horne)        
The Girl Can't Help It (Swing Movie)         

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All Clubs n/a n/a
Cotton Club        
La Monica Ballroom        
Palomar Ballroom        
Savoy Ballroom        
Sweets Ballroom        

Films / Movies


Ballets / Stage

1937 - Big Apple [Paramount] n/a 1936/37 - Cotton Club Revue
Keep Punching        
1938 - Swing        


            12/20/1937 - Life Mag
            1/18/1948 - Life (Suzy-Q Flying Fortress)

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Dancers, Choreographers etc.


~Most swing dancers at the time Leon James n/a
Arthur Murray The Sextuplets (1940S)  
Al Minns Whitey's Lindy Hoppers  
Butterbeans & Suzy (1937)    

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...

Title Author Date Publisher
Let's Dance Murray, Arthur 1937 Standard Brands Inc.
How To Become a Good Dancer Murray, Arthur 1938 Simon & Schuster
Jazz Dance: The Story of American Vernacular Dance
Marshall Stearns 1979 DaCapo Press

Musicians, Bands, Composers.


Poets / Writers

Creedence Clearwater n/a n/a
Dale ("Suzy Q") Hawkins (b.1938)        
Elvis Presley        
Huey "Piano" Smith And The Clowns        
Ina Ray & Her Melodears        
Lil Armstrong        
Sugarman Three (Funk)        

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Parlor Stunt Dance Group Dance   -
Companion Dance        




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