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Stag Dance

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stag_dance_from book_stag_line -Sara Lorimer -1934
The Stag Dance

The Stag Dance, was basically a dance thrown for the available single men in the community (and by title not so obviously the single ladies as well). Contre, Barn and Square Dances often had solo dances just for the single men (couples not allowed to participtae, except as chaperones if needed). It was also used around the Civil War for soldiers out in the field. The Military continued the use and eventually threw stag parties for cadets before a graduation, dinner, dance. Early Cotillions also had Stag dances for the single Men/Boys thruout the night. The Taxi dancer, Gigaloo and Gigalette was also born out of this Idea. Today it generally refers to strip clubs and or strippers.

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G & S Stag Club and Tavern (Moline, Il. 1948) n/a n/a

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            2/1864 - Harper's Weekly
            4/1964 - Real Action Magazine (Stag Show Dancer)

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Stag Dance In The West ?? 3/18/1897 Truth Magazine



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