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The Slop Dance

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Mike Roger's - The Slop 45"  Sleeve cover
The Slop Dance

    “The Slop” originated in the Philadelphia black community but it may have started in Delaware or Baltimore and made it big in Philly. The Slop during the 1950's was introduced to the public on the TV Show 'Bandstand'. It began in the late fifties as a couples dance, without touching. The style morphed here and there from the fifties into the sixties, becoming even more popular in the sixties on the Philly dance scene at the Jerry Blavat dances and on his “Discophonic Scene” dance show. The dance made its way up and down the east coast, as far north as NYC and as far south as Washington, D.C.

    In Philadelphia there were a number of slop styles. The steps and count were all the same but the way one did the slop was a dead giveaway as to what part of the city of Philadelphia you were from. There was a distinct South Philly style and distinct Kensington style. In Norristown there was a west end slop style and an east end slop style. The kids from the west end (mostly preppy) used more arm motion in their style of slop (it was cool looking but no evidence of bad-boy or bad-girl in the style.)     Now down in the east end, the guys slipped their hands in their pockets and hiked up their pants when they did the slop (these were the “hoods” who wore tight black pants and Italian import shoes with Cuban heels). The east-end girls would slop lifting their skirts with two fingers just a bit above one knee to shoe either their slip or a “little leg.” In Norristown there was also a slop line-dance. Line-dances were huge in the Philly and suburb area in the mid-sixties.

    One famous song of the 1950s was 'At the Hop' by Danny and the Jr's. A main part in the lyrics goes like:
"You... can roll it, You can "Slop it," and can stroll it at the hop, When the record starts spinnin' You "Chalypso" when you "Chicken" at the hop, Do the dance sensation that's sweeping the Nation ... at the Hop."

    American Swing dance has a couple of steps borrowed from this dance, including The Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing. During the 1960s gained some popularity as a solo couples fad dance in Paris, France as well. (Many thanks to Jim Fillman for much of the above info on the slop)

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Music Titles with Slop

1950's - The Slop - Louis Jordan (Decca) Back Slop - Baby Earl & the Trini Dads [Listen]
1958 - Hard Times - The Slop - Noble "Thin Man" Watts Big Top Slop - The Hop-Cats
1958 - Slop Time - The Shirelle's [Listen] Chinese Slop - Paul & Four-Most
1959 - Slop - Charles Mingus [Listen] Cosmic Slop - P Funk All-Stars [Listen]
1960 - The Slop - The Olympics (Jasper Love, Mingus) (dance the) Mess Around (Checker)
1961 - The Slop - Aki Aleong & His Teen Twenty Dance the Slop With Me - Mike Roger & Machine Guns [Listen]
1962 - Georgia Slop - Jimmy McCracklin ('Big' Al Downing) Do The Slop - Dave "Baby" Cortez
1962 - Slop Around - Buddy Guy Eurovisions Slop - Blue Sound Inc.
1962 - Slop Well - Gus Derse & The Kill Jerks [Listen] Georgia Slop - George Gilmore and the Giblets
1962 - The Slop - Chubby Checker [Listen] Hi-Heal Sneakers - (Dancers did the slop to this song)
1963 - Done Done The Slop - Ervin Rucker [Listen] Hop Slop - The Hop-Cats
1963 - Mokum Slop - The Hondos [Listen] Let's Slop - Mike Roger & Machine Guns
1964 - Come On Let's Do The Slop - Eddy & the Crazy Jets [Listen] Let's Do the Slop - Rene and his Alligators
1964 - Strato Slop - The Stratofires [Listen] Pork Chop Beer Slop - The Hekawis
1968 - Slop Beatin' - Bill Haley Slop, the - Chet Atkins | Hasil Adkins | Chet "Poison" Ivy
1973 - Cosmic Slop (Funkadelic) Slop Beat, the - The Teen Beats
1974 - Hard Times - The Slop - The Band Slop Jar Blues - Donald Byrd | Jelly Roll Kings [Listen] |
1987 - Slop Bucket - Noble "Thin Man" Watts Slop Time - The Sherrys [Listen]
At The Hop - Danny and the Jr's. Stop Slop - Jack Hammer [Listen]
Atomic Slop Why Don't You Slop With Me


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James Brown n/a n/a

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