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The Pasadena

    Created by Allen Dodsworth's brother George. The Pasadena was a new combination danced to any two-step music and done in waltz position.

     Dodsworth states: The explanation is for the gentleman, but will answer for the lady, if, where leaders right is mentioned, she uses her left foot, and, where leaders left is mentioned, she uses her right foot. Each repeats this strain, commencing with opposite foot. (...see bottom of page)


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USA? 1800s George Dodsworth Couples

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George Dodsworth    

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Dancing and its Relations to Social Life Allen Dodsworth 1895 n/a




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Basic Steps:
Hop on Left., Slide on Right
Change to Right Foot,
Waltz backward on Left foot,
Hop on Left, Slide on Right
Change to left Foot
Waltz forward on right foot.
Waltz backward on left,
Waltz forward on right,
leap backward on left,
Slide right,
Change to left,
Slide right,
change to left foot.
March 25, 2013