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La Madrilaine Dance History Origins Page
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Streetswings Dance History Archives: La Madrilaine
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La Madrilaine

            The La Madrilaine is a dance for two persons, and is said to be a creation of Madame Louise Michu in the 1850's. The cavalier, holding his partner's waist in his right arm, as in the Waltz or Polka. Although not a Spanish dance it is of the Spanish in style, and castanets are obligato, to accompany the music, which is to be played rather slowly and well marked.

      Eugene Coulon says: In the dance the gentleman begins with his left foot, the lady with her right. One coupé to the side, while pointing the other foot, and bring it near to the first, coupé again to the side, two pas de Basque in turning once round. One coupé to the side, point the other foot, and bring it near to the afar, one pas de Basque, in turning half round, once more coupé

and pas de Basque, in turning the other half. This is to be repeated as often as found agreeable, and for the sake of variety, the gentleman may guide his lady back with four pas de Basque forward, then one coupe to the side, one pas de Basque in turning half round, and once more coupé and pas de Basque. (slow 3/8)


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? London ? 1850's Madame Louise Michu Ballroom

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Eugene Coulon n/a n/a
Madame Michu    

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Coulon's Handbook Coulon, Eugene 1860 London
American Dancing Master and Ballroom Prompter Howe, Elias 1862 & 1891 Ohio




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Basic step For La Madrilaine:

Counterpart for Lady. Slide left foot to side (2nd), 1; draw right to left (5th) placing weight on right, 2, 3; one measure. Repeat one measure. pas de Basque sidewise, two measures, making half turn. Repeat all of the above, commencing with right foot.