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Streetswings Dance History Archives: La Czarina
Czarina Alexandra Feodorowna (1872-1918)
Czarina  Dance History origin - Anna Pavlova czarina waltz

            The Czarina means the wife of a Russian tsar or Russian empress. It is often spelt as tsaritsa, czaritza, tsarina and tsaritsa. It can also be used to state a level of a performer such as the "Czarina of Dance."

   The Czarina Waltz as a music goes back to the 1880's however Anna Pavlova (1881-1931) and Max Rabinoff are said to have created and danced the Czarina Waltz as a social dance around 1915, so maybe theirs was an official version thru choreography to said song or maybe that it was dedicated to Feodorowna 'the Czarina of Russia' which became popular do to Pavlova's popularity as a dancer at the time or maybe it was dedicated to Pavlova as the 'Czarina of dance', sorry but at the moment it is not clear. There were lessor known Czarina named dances such as Polkas, Mazurkas, Schottische etc. as well as even older 'Czar' named dances such as the Czar Polka etc.

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   There was a dancer called Czarina "The Clever Toe Dancer" who was popular around the 1900's. There is no known footage of Pavlova doing this waltz, but I put together a short clip of her social dancing a waltz to waltz music.


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USA 1880's / 1915 Pavlova and Rabinoff Ballroom

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n/a 1855 - Czar's Polka Video Clip not available at this time Czarina Mazurka
      1877 - The Czar's march Video Clip not available at this time Czarina Waltz
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      1885 - Czarina; Grand Galop Fantistique Video Clip not available at this time Emperor Alexander's Waltz
      1897 - La Czarine Mazurka Video Clip not available at this time La Czarina
        Video Clip not available at this time La Czarina
        Video Clip not available at this time La Czarina Mazurka
        Video Clip not available at this time Oriental Mazurka ("aka: La Czarina")

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n/a n/a 1916 - The Bohemian Girl


            10/4/1896 - Fort Wayne Morning Journal
            8/12/1899 - Naugatuck Daily News
            1/12/1901 - Up To Date, London (Ms. Czarina)
            4/13/1901 - Up To Date, London (Ms. Czarina)
            2/1915 - Ladies Home Journal (Instructions)

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Anna Pavlova n/a Czar Nicolas II
Max Rabinoff   Czarina Alexandra Feodorowna (1872-1918)

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Aesthetic Dancing Roth, Emil 1914 A.S. Barnes & Co.

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Ganne n/a Leo Tolstoy (Before and After the Ball) c.1903
Doremy, E.      
Hackh, Otto      

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