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La Coska Dance History Origins Page
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Streetswings Dance History Archives: La Coska
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La Coska

            The La Coska was created by Dance Master L.G. Brooks in 1850 in New York. The dance was done in three-quarter time (¾). The steps description below is paraphrased from the creators book:

   1) First. the gentleman commences with the left foot, take three Mazurka steps sideways, and then one Polka Redowa step in taming half round (four measures), and repeat the same, commencing with the right foot (four measures).

   2) Second. Take eight Polka??Redowa steps in turning to the right and left, forward or backward (eight measures); in all sixteen measures. The Mazurka step for this dance is to be executed in the following manner; Slide the left foot sideways to the left (count one), then bring the right foot to the heel of the left, first position, at the same time placing the left foot in second position (count two), then bring the right foot up to the left foot, first position, (count three).


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New York 1850 L.G. Brooks n/a

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Mazurka Polka Redowa n/a
Polka Mazurka    

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Brookes on Modern Dancing Brooks, L.G. 1867 L.G. Brooks
Dance Encyclopedia Chujoy, Anatole 1949 A.S. Barnes




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