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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Innovation Dances
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The Innovation

            The Innovation dance was just an American Tango which was popular around 1914 however this version was done without touching your partner but was said to be going to replace the Tango, which it didn't. The Innovation is said to be the creation of the Vernon and Irene Castle around 1911 and was named by Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish. It was hailed by some by 1914. Most of these new tango's eventually just became a dance figure done within the tango dance.

      The Innovation Tango was introduced in New York, and can be taken with any of the foregoing Tangos. The object of this dance was that you do not touch your partner, taking the steps with arms akimbo, or, in other words, with hands on hips (Could be placed behind back or also in pockets). You will have to take your steps exactly the same, but without the assistance of your partner, which will mean practice, so that you will not be

pulling away from your partner. The object of the Innovation was to get away from the idea some people had that these dances were improper during the time.

      The dance Instructors upon showing the Innovation would recommend to try one of the simpler Tangos, "one which has few turns, and then take the more difficult ones. Turning and crossing, the lady's right foot and the gentleman's left foot are held solid on the floor in the Tango, but of course you will find that there are many more, and many difficult variations". After learning one Tango and understanding the steps, it was very easy for the dancer to pick up the rest, and as in the One Step, to invent steps and variations of their own. In dancing the Tango, it was stressed to avoid awkward positions as much as possible, striving to take the different steps with a graceful, easy swing, which makes the dance.

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New York 1911 Castles Ragtime Dance

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n/a n/a Castle's Innovation Tango
        The Innovation
        Danzas and More" for Two Guitars
        Tango Project: Two to Tango

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            12/5/1914 - Fort Wayne Sentinel (Innovation Glide)
            1/23/1914 - Lincoln Daily News (The Innovation)
            1/24/1914 - Trenton Evening Times (Innovation)
            10/3/1915 - Oakland Tribune (Innovation)

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Modern dancing Mr. and Mrs. Castle Vernon 1914 New York
The Tango and Other Up To Date Dances Hopkins, J.S. 1914 Saafield & Co.



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Castellani-Andriacco Duo n/a n/a
Ford Dabney        
James Reese Europe        

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