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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Gaby Glide
The Gaby Glide dance history, Circa 1912
The Gaby Glide Dance History page

            The "Gaby Glide dance" was created for Gaby Deslys (1881-1920) and Harry Pilcer (1885-1961). Ned Wayburn (1884-1942) choreographed the Gaby Glide for Deslys and Pilcer for the play "Vera Violetta" in 1911. (see photo)

    Glides were combinations of normal period dances and there were hundreds of them such as the Sea Sick Glide, Gilda Glide, Aeroplane Glide to name but a few. But most didn't become that popular with the dancing public and if they did only briefly, however the Aeroplane Glide, Gilda Glide and the Gaby Glide were one of the few that did and many people tried to create new glides over the years.

    The main character of the Glide was the lady being positioned in front of the man with her back to him slightly offset which created the gliding effect (see pic). For a while when it first appeared, this dance was lumped together with the Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear,

Bunny Hug etc. However it was not what they called then a 'Hugging' or 'Vulgar dance' that many so loathed due to the position of the dancers to each other. Deslys is also credited for introducing the first "Striptease" number in a Broadway musical.

Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

New York 1911 Ned Wayburn Ballroom

Posters, Lobby Cards etc.

Glide Sheet Music Covers

Video Clips (pop-up)

Music Titles

n/a The Gaby Glide (1911) $
Video Clip video pop up
Gaby Glide (Vera Violette) - Empire Orchestra (1911)
  The Glide Away Rag
Video Clip video pop up
Gaby Glide (European Rag) - L. H. Hirsch (1912)
Video Clip video pop up
Gaby Glide - Peerless Orchestra (1912)
Video Clip video pop up
Gaby Glide - Prince's Orchestra (1912)
            Video Clip not available at this time Gaby Love
            Video Clip not available at this time Gaby Mood
            Video Clip not available at this time Gabbie
            Video Clip not available at this time Gabby Glide Medley
            Video Clip not available at this time Gaby Mood
            Video Clip not available at this time Gabys Rhapsody
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Night Clubs



Winter Garden (N.Y.) 1911 - Winter Garden Theatre n/a
      1914 - Majestic Theatre      

Films / Movies

Ballets / Stage

1915 - Her Triumph (Deslys & Pilcer) 1911 - Vera Violetta
      1914 - The Winning Widow
      1913 - Honey Moon Express
      1914 - Little Parisienne


      12/10/1912 - Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (Arch Bishop renounces Gaby Glide)
      1/25/1914 - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - (Gaby)
      9/14/1914 - Manitoba Free Press (Glide is Naughty)
      $ Gaby Deslys: a fatal attraction (Gardiner)

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Various Glides

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1909 - The Boulevard Glide 1912 - Broadway Glide 1916 - Gertie's Gasoline Glide Hoffman Glide
1911 - Gaby Glide 1912 - That Pavey Glide Edelweiss Glide Innovation Glide (1914)
1912 - Hanky Panky Glide 1912 - The Wedding Glide Gilda Glide Wilson Glide (1913)

Dancers, Choreographers etc.


Gaby Deslys Ned Wayburn n/a
Gertrude Hoffman    
Harry Pilcer    

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...



Date Published


n/a n/a n/a n/a




Poets / Writers

Louis A. Hirsch n/a n/a Harry Pilcer

Misc. Research Words that may be related ... to help your searches

n/a n/a n/a n/a

Other ...

  • Basic Step as described by Albert Newman in 1913: Dancers in Closed Position.
  • Glide L. F. to side (1), raise R. F. to side, and hop on L. F. (2); pass the R. F. back of the L. F. (3), L. F. to side (x), and again R. F. crossed in back of L. F. (4). This is a Pas de Bourrée.
  • Repeat all, one measure.
  • Step on L. F. (1), raise R. F. slightly and hop on L. F. (2), then step on R. F. (3); raise L. F. and hop on R. F. (4)., Repeat this measure.
  • First Step in the Gaby Glide. Repeat all from beginning. There are various other versions of the Gaby Glide, but they become more difficult and are not so practical.

  • Gaby Glide Sheet Music Words:
  • Ev'ry body's raving 'bout the real frenchy two-step,
  • Ev--'ry bo-dy wants to do this smart fan-cy new step, it's a funny bear,
  • Par - is on the tear, well i do de-clare it is class-y,
  • Gab-y brought the dance and it's got us all --- a going,
  • Since she came no oth-er twirl has had an-y showing,
  • It's a musical treat, for your dancing feet...
    --- Sorry Copyrights and all...Go Buy It! ... I Did!.