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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Funky Butt
Funky Butt Idea Photo
The Funky Butt

            The Funky Butt was more of a style of movement than a dance. The idea was thus: A women would raise her skirt to show off her petticoat or what have you and suggestively move her hips. Coot Grant says: 'While she raised her skirt she would grind her rear end "like an Alligator crawling up a bank".

    The word funky was around in the 1920's to refer to an obnoxious smell, especially referring to a person who smelled bad. Anne Hegerty wrote “At least a hundred years ago there was a dance hall in New Orleans whose official name was Kinney’s Hall or McKenna’s Hall (sources differ) but which was known to local jazz and ragtime musicians and dancers as Funky Butt Hall (ie: Smelly Bottom Hall). Buddy Bolden

used to play there. Buddy Bolden became the first of many giants of jazz and was a powerful cornetist who played every type of music all over the city and was best known for his hot music at the Funky Butt Night Club. Bolden was the most famous musician in all New Orleans and best loved in Storyville ... the infamous red light district and his career ended there in 1906.

    The Funky Butt is still done in many dances today and as you could probably tell became very popular within the Burlesque community.

There is also a newer adaption called the Funky Booty Butt Dance that is basically the same idea but with a little more alternating, circular arm choreography.


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Dance Type

The South 1890s n/a Risque

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n/a n/a Video Clip not avaiabe at this time Buddy Bolden's Blues - Jelly Roll Morton
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time Come on Coot Do That Thing - Coot Grant
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Funky Butt - Arnett Cobb
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Funky Butt - The Delegates
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time Funky Butt - Funky Butt Drum Club [MP3]
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Funky Butt - Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet (1947)
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Funky Butt - Mississippi John Hurt (vocals)
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time Funky Butt - Muddy Waters [MP3]
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time Funky Butt Blues - Buddy Bolden
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Funky Butt Stomp (Bolden's) - Charlie Porter
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Shake Your Funky Butt Community Effort
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time She Shake's a Mean Ash Can - Coot Grant [MP3]
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time St. Louis Tickle (1903)
            Video Clip not avaiabe at this time Thought I heard Buddy Bolden say - Bolden

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McKenna’s Hall (aka Funky Butt Hall) N. Orleans. n/a Congo Place Square
Union Sons Hall (aka Funky Butt Hall) N. Orleans       New Orleans, Louisiana

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n/a n/a

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Coot Grant   n/a

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$ Jazz Dance: The Story of American ... Stearns, Marshall 1994 Da Capo Press

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Buddy Bolden (9/6/1877-1931) Coot Grant n/a
Delegates, the      
Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet      
Mississippi John Hurt      

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