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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Cloak Dance
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Cloak Dance

    The Cloak Dance is just what it says, basically a kicking dance for kids. Sword dancers or cavaliers would also wear Cloaks when they danced all the way back to the 1500s.

below parapharsed from F.C. Notts book entitled "Stage and Fancy Dancing" circa 1896:
Tempo: Mazurka, Mod.

    1) Wait in wings for 8 bars Introduction. Any pretty dancing costume, with shoes, hose and trunks same color, trunks to come six or eight inches above knee, under and over skirts only full enough to admit of free use of the legs, and just 1 or 2 inches below knee. Cloak, to 10 inches from floor.
    2) In making the kicks to go high, draw the foot up to the knee, toe bent down, then kick it straight out. On all side kicks, put hands behind. bringing them back immediately for next movement. Other arm movements same as have been given. except otherwise mentioned.

     There is also a cloak dance from Ireland as well, may be related to this American / English childrens dance. During the early 1900's the typical female dance costume in Ireland consisted of a hooded cloak or shawl over a white dress with a sash. Girls costumes were colorful (Green, Red, White Saffron etc.) with a little embroidery and the Boys costume were subdued to baisc colors. The clip on the right is of such.

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