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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Champion Strut
Marge and Gower doing the Champion Strut Kicks
Champion Strut dance History origin and information Title

        The Champion Strut dance was created by Marge and Gower Champion. They devised this dance to accommodate shy people wanting to learn to dance. It's idea's were taken from the Lambeth Walk, Cakewalk and Swing done to a syncopated beat.

   The Champion Strut had its premiere at the Statler Hotel in Los Angeles for the "Dancing Masters Of America Convention" on 8/25/1954. Reportedly, it was a success.

   Marge and Gower were very successful stage and screen choreographers and dancers in their day.


Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

Los Angeles 1954 Marge and Gower Champion Swing

Various Swing Posters, Lobby Cards etc.

Sheet Music Covers

Music Titles

Black Thunder Swing n/a 1954 - The Champion Strut
Cabin in the Sky (Swing Movie)    
Chick Webb and Ella Savoy (Swing)    
Daddy-O (Swing Movie)    
Groovie Movie (Swing Movie)    
Hellzapoppin' (Swing Movie Poster) 2    
HI-DE-HO (Cab Calloway)    
Hot Mikado (Swing Play)    
Juke Girl (Swing Movie)    
Keep Punchin' (Swing Movie)    
Micheux Swing (Swing Art Print)    
Prisoner Of Swing (Swing Movie)    
Private Buckeroo (Swing Movie)    
Rock, Rock, Rock (ECS Swing Movie)    
Stormy Weather (Bojangles, Horne)    
The Girl Can't Help It (Swing Movie)     

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Staler Hotel n/a n/a



Ballets / Stage


n/a 1957 - The Marge and Gower Show n/a 1954 - Let's Dance Book by Bob Thomas
      9/5/1954 - Lima News (New Dance Introduced)
      10/28/1954 - Oakland Tribune (Champion Tour)

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Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...

Title Author Date Published Publisher
Lets Dance - The Champions Thomas, Bob 1954 Grosset & Dunlap




Poets / Writers

Bob Wells n/a n/a n/a
Buddy Pepper          

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Bob Wells Cakewalk Lambeth Walk The Champions

Basic Steps:

  • [Music: Any lively fox-trot | Hold: Ballroom | Follower: Uses the reverse below, right instead of left | Timing: 1,-2,-3,-4, type (straight timing) except where noted].
  1. Move left foot to left side at fwd angle, slight bend of knees,
  2. Drag left foot back to close position, Hips slightly back,
  3. Bend knees to left, turning whole body 90 degrees (still holding on to each other), --- repeat whole count 3 - opposite direction straightening knees to turn to right,
  4. Release partner facing left side and stamp left foot and clap, repeat this a few times. --- (Stomp, Clap, Stomp, Clap etc.)
  5. Returning to closed position, still facing left, Kick to left, then swing foot back around --- right.
  6. Turn to right and lock arms to (leaders left to followers right arm), lean back and --- kick left foot fwd. Free arm up in the air, continue kicking and stepping eight --- times around in a circle (strutting style), then reverse other direction.
  7. Repeat , part 4 above.
  8. Step in place three times-quickly, while twisting body to left, repeat 5 and 6 above.