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Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh do the Bunny Hop origin history page
Bunny Hop dance history archives origin Title

    The Original Bunny Hop was created in a high school in San Francisco in 1953. The Bunny hop is a social dance mixer for children as well as adults. Was frequently done at wedding receptions along with the Chicken dance and the Hokey pokey.

    The dance is really only done to one song appropriately titled the "Bunny Hop" by

Ray Anthony. However there is a few more modern music style variations like the Salsa Bunny Hop, Big Band Bunny Hop etc.. These songs are the Bunny Hop song, just has that genres flavor.

DJ Lil-Man version:
    There is also a newer Hip-Hop Bunny Hop done to the song by DJ Lil Man that has nothing to do with the original. It basically has the lyrics call out the dance steps, well you can see it in this (Clip). ... Rock-Left now Rock Right ! -- It is basically taken from this 1973 song by The Bugs Bunnys - "Do the Bunny Hop" ... Hop-Left now Hop Right! .... Compare (Clip). The newer version sounds much more modern of course and DJ LilMan did a good job re-creating it.

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San Francisco 1953 S.F. High School Teens Mixer

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General Dance Posters Page The Bunny Hop (Ray Anthony)
Youtube Video Clip
The Bunny Hop [MP3] (Ray Anthony)
Youtube Video Clip
the Bunny Hop (Deltones)
            Youtube Video Clip Bunny Hop Mambo (1954 Ellington)
Youtube Video Clip
Bunny Hop - Oett 'Sax' Mallard (Swing)
            Youtube Video Clip Buster Bunny does the Bunny Hop
            Youtube Video Clip B-Bunny-B-Bunny-B-Bunny Hop

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            $ The Bunny Hop (Hello Reader, Lvl1)
            $ The Bunny Hop (Slater)
            $ Hop Like a Bunny! Waddle Like a Duck!

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How To Party Dance Betty White 1960 n/a




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Da Entourage (2003)          
Duke Ellington          
Ray Anthony (1953)            

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Basic Step ...

* Start with Right foot forward (heel tap), right foot back (toe tap), Then Switch feet putting Left foot forward (heel tap), left foot back (toe tap), jump forward (feet together), Jump back (feet together), Jump (hop), Jump (hop), Jump (hop). Basically: Heel/Toe---Heel/Toe---Fwd---Back---Hop---Hop---Hop (1/2-3/4-5-6-7&8)

* Done to the beat and words of the music. Start off individually, usually in a circle and than go to partners, for a couple or group (three hops fwd till circle implodes), hands go one behind the other either holding on to shoulders or waist (similar to a conga line). Can progress to the whole room if desired.

Song Lyrics...

  • You Put your right foot forward,
    You Put your left foot out,
    Do the Bunny Hop, Hop, hop, hop!
    Dance this new creation, It's the new sensation,
    Do the Bunny Hop, Hop, hop, hop! Let's all join in the fun,
    Father, mother, son,
    Do the Bunny Hop, Hop, hop, hop! ...