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Bop Title


        Be-Bop was a type of music that was a rhythmic and melodic extension of Jazz music developed in the early 1940's. Most bop music however was not very danceable (a Musical Jazz Improv if you will) with the traditional type dances, however some Bop songs were very danceable as well. Bop was a popular form of Swing dancing during the 1950's as well as done as a solo dance (especially when the melody divorced itself from traditional dance rhythms). It's style was slightly different than its predecessor Jitterbug. The term Bop was also used as slang for a type of careless movement, such as "Bop on over." The Bop lead the way for Beatniks, Cappuchinos etc.

 The dance style was a form of Jitterbug, or more recently East Coast Swing. Bop was mainly 8 counts with a hip-twisting, body swaying, double rhythm style. The basic step is done in open position, Follower mainly staying in front of the Leader: Originally: "Tap-Step---Walk-Walk---Tap-Step---Walk-Walk (or Rock-Step)" - swaying from his left to right. Today a basic East Coast Triple rhythm is all that's needed to change the dance but old style Bop Swing is really no longer done, but that doesn't mean it can't come back.

    The Solo Bop was was done a few different ways, Brenda on the right shows the inplace version and the clip on the left shows the group version. There is also Bop Clubs (Beach Bop Swing) in the Southern & Midwest states such as Florida, Virginia, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. that call themselves Bop dancers plus doing other forms of swing dance as well. However I don't have much historical info. on them at the moment. Rock-a-Billy also has its own "Boppin' " as well.

    A few clips can be seen in the television infomercial advertisement for 1950's music that shows clips of swing dancing of the 1950's, it has a few clips of the Bop being done. Today, younger West Coast Swing dancers call this generic Bop movement "Funky Swing," adding it into the West Coast Swing at any given time when they dance to modern Funk/ Disco/ Techno/ Rap or Motown type swing danceable music, however it is rare.

Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

USA c. 1939 Charley Parker (The Music)? Swing (E.C.)

Posters, Lobby Cards etc.

Sheet Music Covers

Beat Generation Be Bop  
Black Orpheus    
Blackboard Jungle    
Surf Party    

Various Bop Music Titles

Bop and Be-Bop were cool names, so there were and are many songs that used the title (do wop singers used it a lot) ... so here are a few songs using the word Bop in various musical styles.
You-Tube Video Clip
Be Bop (MP3) Sorry, Clip not available Bop Kick (Jack Costanzo) Sorry, Clip not available Doo Bop Song, the (Davis)
You-Tube Video Clip
Be-Bop-A-Lula (Vincent) Sorry, Clip not available Bop N Blues (Dupree)
You-Tube Video Clip
Hey Ba Be Re Bop Rock (Lionel Hampton)
You-Tube Video Clip
BeBop Boogie (Young)
You-Tube Video Clip
Bop Street (Vincent)
You-Tube Video Clip
Horizontal Bop
Sorry, Clip not available BeBop in Pastel (Powell) Sorry, Clip not available Bop-Ting-A Ling (Laverne Baker) Sorry, Clip not available Jam for Boppers (Ammons)
Sorry, Clip not available BeBop Spoken Here (Barnet) Sorry, Clip not available Boppin' Shoes
You-Tube Video Clip
Jivin' In Be-Bop (Gillispie)
Sorry, Clip not available Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
You-Tube Video Clip
Boppin' the Blues (Perkins) Sorry, Clip not available Moppin' and Boppin'
You-Tube Video Clip
Blue Jean Bop (Vincent)
You-Tube Video Clip
Boptura (MP3)
You-Tube Video Clip
Orbital Be-Bop (Q-Feel)
You-Tube Video Clip
Bop (Dan Seals) Sorry, Clip not available Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses Sorry, Clip not available Opus de Bop (Getz)
You-Tube Video Clip
Bop Crazy Baby (Pullens) Sorry, Clip not available Calypso Bop (Emanons)   ... See Full List of Bop Titles


Night Clubs



51 Club (Minsky's) n/a New York
Byrd Land   California
Minton's Playhouse    
Savoy Ballroom (1950s)    
Village Vangaurd    

Video Clips (pop-up)

Clips / Films


Ballets / Stage

Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1946 - Jivin' In Be- Bop 1955 - Ray Miland Show (Be Bop) n/a
You-Tube Video Clip
1947 - Oop Boop Sh'bam 1956 - Little Bo Bop  
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1949 - Doing What's Fright and Boo Bop 1960 - Big Bop for the Big Blop  
You-Tube Video Clip
1952 - Bop-Scotch 1974 - Bossa Bop


Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1957 - Boo Bop (Animated) 1986 - Be Bop Man (Easy Street) 4/22/1949 - Down Beat Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1957 - Three Little Bops (Animated)   5/20/1949 - Down Beat Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1957 - Bop Girl Goes Calypso   6/14/1949 - Down Beat Magazine
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1966 - Op, Pop, Wham, and Bop   4/1950 - Wink Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1974 - Bossa Bop (Animated)   Dinosaur Bop Comics (J. M. Arnon)
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1985 - Be Bop High School   To Be or Not to Bop (Gillispie)
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1996 - Apocalypse Bop    
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1998 - Legend of Bop City, the    
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 2000 - He Bop    
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 2006 - Bip Bop Bip Bop Bap    
Not Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 2012 - Be Bop Girls    

Other Related Dances of the time...

Be Bop Bounce (1950) Carolina Shag Hand Jive Lindy (Hop) Rock & Roll
Beach Bop Ceroc / Leroc Jazz Modern The Slop
Bossa Nova East Coast Swing Jitterbug Mambo The Stroll
Calypso Hand Dance Jive New Yorker Whip
Cha Cha Heebie Jeebies Le Bop Push West Coast Swing

Dancers, Choreographers etc.


Ann Margaret   n/a
Bob Fosse    

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...





Encyclopedia Of Jazz Feather, Leonard 1955 Horizon Press
"Cool Hot & Blue" Boeckman, Charles
1970 Washington Square Press
The Story of Jazz (Bop & Beyond)   1991  

Various Bop Musicians


Poets / Writers

Bop-Chords n/a n/a
Bud Powell    
Charley Parker    
Charley Ventura    
Dizzy Gillespie    
Emanons, the    
Fats Waller    
Gene Vincent    
Jay Jay Johnson's Bop Quintet    
Maynard Fergusen    
Miles Davis    
Sonny Stitt    
Thelonious Monk    

Misc. Research Words that may be related ... to help your searches

45's rpm records Boogie-Woogie Doo-Wop Rock-A-Billy
American Bandstand Charlie Parker Hard Bop Western Bop
Be-Bop Cubana Bop Jazz / Blues Beatnik


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