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Arkansas Traveller Arkansas Traveler

    The vintage Arkansas Traveler dance is said to have originated in the Connecticut Valley around 1860 where it got its name from a peddler who "hawked" his merchandise up and down the valley while telling everyone he came from Arkansas. The dance was dedicated to this peddler.

    The Arkansas traveller was basically a barn dance that had twice the number of calls as the other dances of the time to symbolize the peddlers travels. During this time the Waltz was virtually unknown to the peasant dancers. The Arkansas Traveler is also known as the Essence of Old Virginia. Now is considered part of the Square dance family and mostly as a song rather than a dance from.


Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

Connecticut Valley 1860 a Peddler ? Folk / Square

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n/a The Arkansas Traveller Video Clip not available at this time An Arkansas Traveller
Video Clip not available at this time The Legend of the Arkansas Traveller
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Arkansas Traveller (1909) Vaudeville Recording
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The Arkansas Traveller
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The Arkansas Traveller (The Huckleberries)
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The New Arkansas Traveller (Skillet Lickers)

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1736 - Black Horse Tavern (N.Y) n/a Annapolis
Charleston, SC
Merry Mount, MA
Williamsburg, VA.



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n/a n/a n/a



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n/a Prince Of Wales

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...

Title Author Date Published Publisher
Down Memory Lane Murray, Arthur 1954 Greenberg

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Harl McDonald (1899-1955) n/a Casimer Gregory Stapko
Jean Guion (c. 1949)

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Lyrics ...

      O Once up-on a time in Arkansas, ... An old man sat in his lit-tle ca-bin door,
And fid-dled at a tune that he liked to hear,... A jol-ly old tune that he play-ed by ear.
It was rain-in hard, but the fid-dler did'nt care, ... He saw-ed a-way at the pop-ular air,
Tho' his roof tree leak-ed like a wa-ter fall, ... that didn't seem to bo-ther the man at all.
      A traveler was riding by that day, ... And stopped to hear him a practicing away;
The cabin was afloat and his feet were wet, ... But still the old man did't seem to fret.
So the Stranger said, ... "Now the way it seems to me you had better mend your roof" said he.
But the old man said, as he played away ... "I couldn't mend it now i'ts a rainy day'"
      The Traveler replied: "That's all quite true,
But this I think is the thing for you to do; ... Get busy on a day tha's fair and bright,
Then patch the old roof till it's good and tight." ... But the old man kept a playing at his reel,
And tapped the ground with his leathery heel: ... "Get along," said he, for you give me a pain:
my cabin never leaks when it does'nt rain."