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The Angrismene or la Fachèe

          The Battle of Love defined in The Angrismene dance, or la Fachèe dance (the angry dance) is also known as: the angry maiden, which is performed by two persons of different sexes.

(Carlo Blasis states - 1830):
      A young girl first appears dancing (the music plays a languid andantino); after she has gone round in a glissade kind of step, a young man presents himself, also dancing; he plays about her with a handkerchief he holds in his hand, and attempts to approach her, but she, by her countenanceand motions, expresses her scorn and contempt, and runs away. The lover exhibits much grief on seeing himself thus rejected, and accuses fate for his ill fortune. He however, again advances towards the object of his love, and seeks to move her compassion, but the

young girl, proud of her advantages, again drives him from her, and forbids him to mention his love.

   In the mean time the steps and motions of both dancers are in perfect concert with the music, and express with precision the sentiments of anger and love. At length, the young man seeing himself so inhumanly treated, trembles with fury, and knows not on what to resolve; after a short time, however, he decides on adopting violence. She then darts a severe and threatening look at him. He becomes motionless, sighs, and gradually seems to give himself up to despair. He turns his fervid eyes upwards, and conjures heaven to put an end to his existence, then tying his handkerchief round his throat, pulls it very tight, and appears on the point of falling.

   The maiden immediately runs to support him, and deplores her unnecessary rigour. She unties the handkerchief, calls her lover, and endeavours, by every means, to reanimate him; he gradually revives; the languishing voice of his mistress strikes his ear, he looks around him, finds himself in her arms, and his happiness is complete. Joy then unites the hearts of the two lovers, and they swear to each other eternal fidelity. Their dance then regains its former liveliness, and becomes the interpreter of their reciprocal sentiments.

(More to come .. )

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