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irplane  -  Aeroplane WALTZ - Dance Origins title
          The Aeroplane Waltz was one of the most popular dances at the time and was often used in connection with the Hesitation Waltz. Joan Sawyer helped make this dance popular in the early 1910s and is a very pretty dance for Children. The Aeroplane waltz was respectfully dedicated to Mr. Wm. P. Baltz, Philadelphia, PA. and was originally danced to "Come Josephine in my Flying Machine," but can be any 3/4 tempo Waltz with dancers in Tango dance position. The glide and dip represented the aeroplane going over the mountain top and down into the valley.

Turn to the right or to the left with a Long Boston, four measures. A waltz

The Basic Step:
     Glide L. F. forward (1), raise R. F. front (2), hop on L. F. in this position (3). Repeat same with R. F. starting, one measure. Dancers take "Closed Position" by simply facing each other. Glide L. F. to side (1), draw R. F. to it (2) (3). Then take a more exaggerated step to the left with L. F. (1), draw R. F. to it (2) (3). This should be more of a dip.

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USA 1910s n/a Waltz

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Airplane Music Titles

n/a 1912 - The Aeroplane Waltz (Joan Sawyer) Aero Valse
Aeroplane Dip
Aeroplane Waltz
Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
I Like Aeroplane Jelly
That Aero Rag
That Aeroplane Rag

Night Clubs



1914 - Persian (Garden) Room (NY) n/a n/a




n/a n/a n/a



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Albert C. Newman Joan Sawyer n/a

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Dances of Today Newman, Albert C. 1914 n/a




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n/a n/a n/a n/a

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