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In Abstract Dance, the dancer's body is important only in function as it gives motion only to the costumes that cover it. Different colors in costumes to create moods such as gay, majestic, fantastic etc. as well as the dancers forming shapes such as spheres, spirals, squares etc. against shiny and dull textures.

Oscar Schlemmer, who was a painter by trade became a leader in this experimental dance when he composed his 'Triadic Ballet', which consisted of twelve abstract dances. These dances were grouped in threes, and the colors to create the moods
of gay (Yellow), Majestic (Pink) and Fantastic (Black) which would be expressed thru the movement of the dancers. Abstract or Absolute music has no reference to any kind of " subject matter," depending only on pure form for enjoyment

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n/a 1900's n/a Exhibition

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n/a n/a Bauhaus in Weimar

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n/a n/a 1909 - Les sylphide (Fokine)
1925 - Triadic Ballet (Schlemmer)
1933 - Les Presages and Choreartium (Massine)
1941 - Concerto Barocco (Balanchine)
1944 - Danses Consrttantes (?sp) (Balanchine)



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George Balanchine Leonide Massine Oscar Schlemmer

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Dance Encyclopedia Chujoy, Anatole 1949 A.S. Barnes & Co.
$ Absolute Theater and Dramatic Studies #21 Stein, Gertrude 1984 Umi Research Pr




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