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Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter X, Y or Z. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'X'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Yale Blues USA Cecil H. Taylor Collegiate type dance 1927
Yale Flip USA ?? Butterfly | English | Trots | Two Step | Boston etc. 1911
Yam, The Hollywood Fred Astaire See: "Carefree" Movie 1938-39
Yankee Prance USA Dance Masters of America (DMOA) Collegiate | Foxtrot | Texas Two Step 8/1927
Yankee Rag USA Basically just a Polka Canteen Canter 1918
Ya-Ya n/a Peggy and Cortez Non Sequence Dance 1930's
Yolanda Tango, the New York Veloz and Yolanda Cobra Tango | Merry Go Round 1938
Yorick Dance n/a n/a 1898: Cromus Ball / Mardi Gras 1896?
Yorke (York) England? A Round dance | Variation of the Polka?? Mazurka Lancers | Waltz | Polka | Schottische 1800's?
Yurupari Amazon Amazon Indians Macumba | Brazil n/a
Zombie Stomp, the USA 60's Fad Dance Horror Of Party Beach 1964
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