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Dance Styles Index: T

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter T. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'T'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Ta Tao [photo] USA Dance Masters of America accepted for the stage in 1914 American Stage Version 1914
Ta Toa China n/a need info on this dance! 1800's?
Talmadge Fox Trot New York? Maurice Mouvet & Talmadge Harry Fox | Maurice Mouvet | Constance Talmadge | Foxtrot 1921?
Tamborito Panama Non Touch couples dance | Hips | Triple steps in Waltz time (Long, short, short steps/rhythm) Cha Cha | Waltz 1957's
Tambourine Dance Spain Solo, duet, quartet or Couple dance. Uses Tambourine. Sarabanda | Chacona | Hornpipe | Alexis Kosloff | Gigue 1600's?
Tamure Micronesia, Tahiti n/a Need Info on this dance! | new dance form n/a
Tangano Africa Said to have connections w/ Tango Tango | Argentine | African Dance n/a
Tango dances Buenos Aires a series of events Argentine | Milonga | Andalusan | Habanera 1890's?
Tango-American New York Arranged for the Ball-room by M. Markowski. Maurice Mouvet Argentine | Andalusan | Milonga | Habanera | the Castles | Apache Dance 1890's
Tango-Argentine (Newman's) New York Albert C. Newman created this version American Tango | Fan Tango | Newman Tango | Minuet Tango 1912
Tango Argentino Buenos Aires See Tango Milonga | Andalusia 1800's
Tango Dream USA n/a Texas Tommie | Turtle Dove | Tennis Tango | Argentine Tango | Castle Tango | Banana Peel Glide | Horse Trot, etc 1913
Tango-Parisienne London Charles d' Albert of London Argentine Tango | American Tango 1911
Tango Toreador n/a The Marvelous Millers Argentine Tango | Andalusan | Milonga | Habanera | the Castles | Apache Dance n/a
Tango Twist ?? ? Jack Wiggins ? n/a 1920's
Tango-Valse n/a n/a Tango | Valse | Hesitation | Fad 1920
Tango Waltz London? Novelty dance Described as basically a Waltz n/a
Tanko Bushi Japan Japanese Miner's Dance. Shishi Odori | Shishi Mai n/a
Tantoli Sweden * (looking for info on this dance)! Swedish Folk Dance ?
Tap Dance USA Master Juba | Barney Fagan Clog | Buck | Wing | Jig | Shim Sham 1840-99
Tanz Der Patrizier England? maybe German * (looking for info on this dance)! n/a
Tarantella dance Toranto, Naples Coralli Ballet "La Tarentule" ? St. Vitus Dance | Taranto | Jean Coralli | Miss Sinden | Madame Michau 1370's
Tarraga Spain? * Need Info on this dance! Sarabanda | Chacona | Spanish dances | Rastro 1600's?
Tarasca Spain * Need info on this dance! Gigantones y los Enanos 1600's
Tari Payong Malaysia aka: Umbrella Dance Done to Philippino Kape Rino Music | Gaily painted umbrellas 1880's?
Taskwin Morocco aka: Taskioune. Warrior dance. War Dances n/a
Tatao | The China n/a n/a 1900's
Taxi Dance(r) France n/a Dime A Dance | Flapper | Prostitute | Marathon | W.W.II 1901?
Tchega Paris, FR. International Dance Teachers of Paris Slow | Then Quick Dance with lots of Stamping of the Feet 1920
Teddy Bear Trot USA n/a n/a 1910's
Tempest n/a n/a Folk dance | Contradanse 1850's
Tennessee Wig Walk Tennessee? Invented by Syd Perkin & Edna Duffield . Danced by Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Prosen Swing | Big Apple | Square Dance 1953
Tennis Tango USA? A Stage/ PROP dance done with Tennis Rackets in Hand. Was usually done after the Davis Cup Matches Turkey Trot | Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | Tiger | Horse-trot | Shivers | Tango Dream | Boston Dip etc. 1912's
Terminal Reaction USA By Ray Boy and Tony C. (done to Song "I Don't Need" by Jaime Foxx) Line Dance | Slide type 2012
Territorial Two Step London? Arthur Morris Two Step 1908
Teuton Waltz Germany aka: Deutscher Spring Walzer Waltz n/a
Texas Tommy San Francisco Johnny Peters and Ethel Merman Lindy Hop | Breakaway | Jitterbug | West Coast Swing | Turkey Trot | Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear 1909-1924
Texas Two-Step USA Collegiate Foxtrot Fox-trot | Collegiate Foxtrot | One-step | Country | Urban Cowboy | Country Ballroom | Square dance 1950's
Texas Twist TX * (looking for info on this dance)! n/a n/a
That Mexican Twist USA n/a Dance fad | Ballroom | Twist | Crawl 1911
Tfilati Israel (Knoxville) | Danny Benshalom Debka Carmiel | Erev Ba 1990's?
Tiger | the USA Animal Dance Dallas Dip | Sea Sick Glide | Shivers | Turkey Trot | Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear etc 1913
Three Step USA n/a Two Step | Waltz | One Step | Apache dance | Tango | Folk dance 1912?
Three Step or Jazz Straight n/a Triple step-Tap-Triple Step-Tap (6 count) Couples 4/4 time | Swing Feel 1920
Three Step Galop n/a n/a Three Step | Galop 1888?
Three Step Rockaway England Basically a funky Waltz in 2/4 time. aka: The Plus Bel Waltz | The Plus Bell 1888
Throw Away | the New York? n/a Grizzly Bear | Bunny Hug | Turkey Trot 1913
Throwing A Fit USA Clarence "Dancing" Dotson Combination of the Itch and Quiver dances 1910's
Thumbs Up New York M. Lewis & John Forrest n/a 1943?
Tickle-Toe USA "Going Up" Imogene Coca: 1950's | Count Basie 1918
Tiger Dance USA Ragtime Dance Texas Tommy | Bunny Hug etc. 1920's
Tinikling Philippines ?? Carinosa | possibly a Philippino National Dance n/a
Time Warp USA From: the Rocky Horror Picture Show. A jump to the left | then a step to the right. Then you place your hands on your hips | and with your feet still apart pull your knees together and make three pelvic thrusts forward. Then you turn around | all the way round | and repeat with the next chorus. 1970's
Tin Soldier Novelty Dance New York GM Caskey Astor Bell Hop Dance | American Clown Dance 1923
Tininkling Dance Philippines n/a Bamboo beating n/a
Tipperary Trot New York Bonnie Glass Cabaret | Scottish | Kilt n/a
Toddle, The USA n/a Foxtrot | also see: The Chicago 1917
Torch (light) Dance Scotland, France Court of Burgundy | aka: Torch Dance Allemande | Branle | Hornpipe | Jigs | Reels 1463
Tordion France? Came from the Galliard Court dance | Galliard | Pavane | Basse | Sarabande 1500's?
TorrĂ¡s Ciudad Real, Spain n/a Spanish Dance | Minuet | Quadrilles | Rows | Square n/a
Tragico Tango USA Moss and Fontana Tango | Argentine | Open | La Rumba 1926?
Trance Dance of Bali Bali 12/1951 - featured in Modern Man Mag. Belly Dance ? | Strip? 1951's
Trasko, The Cleavland, OH Presented by Mrs. Karl Von Rabe in Ohio. Basically a Waltz with a Pirouette. Said to based on Dances of Denmark? 1917
Trenchmore England Fad Dance Cushion dance | French-More | Playford 1550
Trepak Russia Russian Folk Group Dance, Ballet | Folk | Cossack |Alexis Kosloff | Trepaka n/a
Triangle One-Step n/a n/a Camel Walk | Foxtrot Artistic | Cat Walk | Chic Walk 1921's
Trilbi, The Los Angeles? Said to have come from a dance inspired by George du Maurier's Character "Trilby." Also done at the Cinderella Ballroom in 1940's? Ella Lola | (View it - Edison Films) 1898
Triori So. Brittany n/a Can-can | Passepied 1549
Trip to Nanhunt New England n/a A New England Country Dance 1800's
Trocadero So. France Paris Expo. - Mrs. Charles F. Beckwith Boston | Rumba | Tango Mix! 1937
Troika Russia 2/4 | sometimes mistaken as a Polka. aka: dance of three (three person folk dance - Imitates Horse prancing with sleigh) Cossack | Cajun | ?Ukraine? | Russian n/a
Trolley Hop, the Utah Ruth Scheim and John Englert Collegiate dance 1930's
Trottartt Erfurt, Germany Folk Dance Trappeltanz | Trotto | Firlefanz | (A Trot dance). 1480
Trotto Germany? Trotting Dance Trottartt | Trappeltanz | Trotto | Firlefanz | (A Trot dance). 1500's?
Truckin' Harlem Dan Thomas Rice Suzy-Q | Big Apple | Lindy | Posin' 1934
Tsamikos Greek Panhellenic Dance Geranos | Minotaur | Siganos | Theseus | Kalamatianos n/a
Tucker Dance Maine | USA Gardner Dance Hall | Junior Prom Dance? n/a 1923
Tumba Africa African Hip Dance n/a n/a
Turkey Trot Central Am. n/a Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | Texas Tommy | Camel Walk | Foxtrot 1907
Turn Table Gallop n/a n/a n/a 1920's?
Turtle Dance America Iroquois Indians Indian | Animal 1600's?
Turtle Dove USA A School Girls invention to replace the Tango, using the Minuet and Quadrilles. Didn't last long Minuet | Quadrille | Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | Texas Tommy | Camel Walk | Foxtrot | Horsetrot | Tango Dream | Banana Peel Glide etc 1913
Twist New York? Hank Ballard Song | Chubby Checker Fad | Frug | Swim | Stroll | Jerk | Fly | Hucklebuck 1959
Twinkle, the Pittsburgh Thomas McDougal (American Assoc. of Masters of Dancing) Yes, its the Twinkle step done in the Waltz. 1914
Two In One USA Rosa Mantilla Half and Half | Maurice Walk | Maxixe | Tango 1910's
Two Step USA Sousa Marches (1891). Previously called Deux Temps Foxtrot | One Step | Cakewalk | Balance Waltz | March 1850-20's
Two Two USA Oscar Duryea 9/5/1916: Reno Evening Gazette 1916
Tyrolene (Tyrolienne) Italy? 3rd part of the Varsoviana, or the 27th tour de Mazourka Polka| Varsovienne | Tyrol | Tirol | Mazurka 1800's?
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