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Dance Styles Index: R

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter R. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'R'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Ring Shout, the West Africa Origin of many elements of other dances derived from the ring shout dance. Derived of the Kabba Ring Dance | Circle Dance | Walk-around | Juba Dance | Spiritual dance | Holy 1700's?
Ritz, The USA n/a Flapper Walk | Camel Walk | French Tango 1924
Ritz Carlton n/a n/a Became a Waltz Step 1937
Robot, the n/a Fad Dance, 1980's Freestyle. Precursor to Break dancing. Cabbage Patch | Peewee Dance | Electric Slide | The Centipede | Rock Lobster 1970's
Rock & Roll (swing) USA Swing renamed Swing | Lindy | West Coast | Jitterbug | Retro | Push | Whip etc. | (Also means "freestyle /solo dancing) 1950's
Rock and Roll (freestyle) USA meaning "Freestyle" when the Twist came into play. Twist | Lindy | Jitterbug | Watusi | Frug etc. 1960's
Rock and Roll (German) Germany Two Types: Acrobatic and Classic Style. Jive | East Coast | Charleston |
aka: European Rock & Roll
Rock Dancing USA Italian Ballet Dance on instep Ballet 1890's
Rock Lobster USA 1980s Freestyle Fad Dance Cabbage Patch | Peewee Dance | Electric Slide | The Centipede | the Robot 1980's
Rocker, the London n/a A Waltz | Hesitation 1919
Roegarze France Folk Dance | Renaissance Period Folk | Court Dance n/a
Sir Roger de Coverly England Named after Addisons "Sir Roger de Coverly" | (became Virginia Reel) Virginia Reel | Old Paul Jones | Arkansas Traveler | Virginia Essence 1650
Romaiika Greece Heroic Suliote Women of Greece Sacred dance of Greece 1803?
Romaine or Romanesque Italy aka: Galliard Cing-Pas | Romanesca | Galliard | Gagliarde | n/a
Rondeña Malaga, Spain n/a Jaleo | Fandango 1500s?
Rondeau Gascon, The France? Dance Master: "Issac" King Henry | Flute-Flagolete | (Outdoor dance by Torches) 1700's
Rondo | The England Originally a "Round dance" Folk | Square | Round dance n/a
Ronrico, the USA Ramon and Renita Billed as the New Rhumba | (Universal Newsreel 1937). combined Cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms. 1937
Rope Dance n/a Basically 'J'ump Rope' to music n/a n/a
Rouergoise Rouergue, France A precise and elegant dance n/a n/a
Round (Dances) Bohemia A form of couples group dancing, may also Sing! Ronde | Rondo | Square | Quadrilles | Courante n/a
Roundel (ay) n/a Folk couple circle dances | couples join hands. Khorovod | Hora | Reigen | Hay Middle Ages
Royal, the France Dance Master: "Issac" n/a 1700's
Royal Galliard France Dance Master: "Issac" n/a 1710's
Royal Portuguese France Dance Master: "Issac" n/a 1700's
Rumba Cuba The" Son dance" of Cuba. Quinn and Sawyer Rhumba | Mambo | Son | Samba | Cha-Cha 1913-40?
Rustemul So. Romania Stamping & Quick Syncopation's Joc De Legana | Alunelul | Folk n/a
Ruth & Simon n/a Fancy dance? n/a 1800's
Rye Waltz n/a n/a Waltz | Polka | Valse | Walzer | Volta 1890's
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