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Dance Styles Index: P

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter P. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'P'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Paul Jones USA aka: Old Paul Jones Arkansas Traveler n/a
Pachanga (Cha) Cuba/USA said to be created by Eduardo Davidson Cha | Mambo | Salsa | Le Frisson | La Bimbi | Viva La Pachanga 1960's
Pachuko Hop USA n/a Zoot Suit Riots | Swing | Lindy Hop 1940's?
Padovana Italy Antonio Rotta? Pavane | Passamezzo | 6/8 Time 1546
Palais Glide London Offshoot of the Lambeth Walk Lambeth Walk 1939
Palesteena Foxtrot USA A Foxtrot Variation Original Dixieland Jazz Band 1900's
Palm Beach Walk USA n/a Kinkajou | Dixie Stomp 1927
Paloléo Spain shrine of Sta Maria Del Essar n/a 1500's?
Pambiche n/a aka: Merengue | Palm Beach see: Merengue n/a
Pan American Glide USA Dance Masters Of America Golden West | New Three Step | Gaby Glide | Sea Sick Glide etc 1914
Pannier Waltz USA? n/a Turkey Trot | Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | Tiger | Horse Trot | Shivers | Waltz | Boston Dip etc. 1912's
Pantomime (Mime) Rome Romans Mime | Mute | Act | Robot | Break Dancing | Phlyakes | Mimus | Comedian | Jester 1st cent AD
Papaltatsa Maxixe New York (Jenny) Dolly Sisters Maxixe | Harry Fox | Singers 1914
Paresis Glide Paris Miss Florence Heaton A Glide dance with various steps of the day thrown in 1914
Parisienne Tango New York? Joan Sawyer Leslie F. Clendenens | Dance Mad 1910's
Pas de Soleure n/a National dance n/a n/a
Pas Italian n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pasillo Colombiano Columbia Similar to Cuban Bolero in 6/8 Bolero n/a
Pas de Brabant France aka: Breban | Saltarello Saltarello n/a
Pas de Quatre Scotland Meyer Lutz: at Gaiety Theater aka: Barn Dance 1860's
Pas Ma La, the USA? An exceptional comedy dancer. Song: La Pas Ma La | Introduced by Ernest Hogan and the Georgia Graduates. Black Patti Troubadours | The Smart Set. Place hand on head, Walk Forward then Hop back three steps with knees bent with gestures. Mentions the Bombishay | Eagle Rock | Turkey Trot 1895
Paso Doble Spain see also: Spanish Dance Two-Step | Paseo | Spanish | Salsa | Latin | La Corrida Song-1963, 1800's?
Passacaglia Spain Jean Baptiste Lully aka: Passacallie Stately | Court | Suite | Louis XIV | Slow Dance -3/4 | Long Gliss'es | arms at sides. Chacona | Sarabande 1600's
Pasadena, The USA George Dodsworth Waltz or Two Step 1895
Pass The Ammunition USA Arthur Murray Praise The Lord | Big Apple 1943
Passa-Mezzo Italy (passare | to walk | mezzo | half) was a slow dance 4/4. Pavane | Galliard | Minuet | Queen Elizabeth 1550's
Passamesa Italy aka: Pavane Pavane | Payan | Pavin | Passamezzo 1546
Passe-Passe Italy? aka: Quadrille n/a 1800's
Passe-Pied France | Brittany aka: Rigaudon & Fast Minuet Branle | Bouree | Minuet | Rigaudon 1500's
Passion Dance Atlantic City? Delorita n/a 1896
Pastoral England Dance Master: Mr Issac Royal, the | Rigadoon | Princess | Union | Pastorale* 1713
Patch-Tanz n/a Jewish Jewish Folk Dance | Folk Dance | Square n/a
Pattin' Juba USA See: Juba! William Henry Lane n/a
Patti-Cake Jive USA n/a Hand Jive? 1950's
Pavane Italy aka: Passamesa & Padovana Pavin | Panicin | Stately | Court | Contra 1508
Pavanilla Italiana Italy aka: Pavane Pavane | Passamessa 1608
Pavlova Gavotte France Anna Pavlova Gavotte | Pays de Gap 1913
Peabody New York William Frank Peabody (Lt.- N.Y.P.D.) Foxtrot | One-Step | Quickstep | March | Ragtime 1915
Peacock Dance Italy see: Pavane Pavane 1508
Peacock Glide USA? n/a Hitchy Coo | Turkey Trot | Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | etc 1913's
Peacock Strut United Kingdom Similar to the Turkey Trot Ballin The Jack | Baltimore Buzz etc. 1910's
Peckin' Los Angeles | CA Choclateers | Mae Diggs/ Nicholas Bros. Introduced at Sebastian's Cotton Club in Los Angeles-1934: also Cotton Club Express-1937 | Yanvallou Dance | Dahomean Dance 1934
Pedestal Dance USA Gigue and Minstrel dancers See: Gigue | Tap | Clog | Henry Dixey 1800's
Pee Wee Herman Dance USA Pee Wee Herman Running Man | Cabbage Patch | Electric Slide | Centipede | The Ant | Rock Lobster | Safety Dance 1980's
Peek A Boo Dance n/a Amateur Strippers Strip | Burlesque 1940's
Peelin' The Peach New York n/a Pose n' Peck | Lindy | Big Apple | Little Apple | Swing | Truckin' 1937
Pelota n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pericon Argentina Argentina's Nat'l. Dance Folk | Waltz | Tango | Gaucho n/a
Periconas Chili Quellón region may be related to the Pericon n/a
Périgourdine Périgord, FR. Sung by dancers in duple time n/a old?
Pernambuco ? n/a n/a Ray Bolger n/a
Peruvian Dance Peru n/a Indian | Andalusian | Spanish | Ballet | Minuet | Folk n/a
Phaiakian Dance Greek? n/a n/a n/a
Philadelphia Boston Philadelphia? A one step waltz aka: One Step Waltz / Long Boston / Drop Step | Berceuse / Cradle Boston 1910's
Philadelphia Drag Philadelphia? Anna Wheaton & Sydney Grant Varsity Drag | Walkin' The Dog | Gilda Glide | Hoffman Glide | Gaby Glide 1913?
Philadelphia Twist Philadelphia? n/a n/a 1910's?
Piccadilly Crawl n/a n/a Ragtime Dance 1912's
Piccolino, The USA Fred Astaire | Top Hat Carioca | Yam | Continental 1930's
Pickford Polka New York Oscar Duryea | Created For Mary Pickford n/a ?
Pickin' Cotton New York n/a George White | Ann Pennington 1928
Pie De Jibao Spain Jibado (hunchbacked) | Danced as couples Spanish Dance | Jibado | Court 1560
Pigeon Walk n/a James V. Monaco this was a Fox-trot 1912
Piva Italy Peasant dance | Dbl steps to quick tempo. Court | Musette | Hornpipe | Ballo | Sokti 1400's?
Plantation Dance n/a n/a n/a 1800's?
Plesiosaurian Glide Buenos Aires From Argentina | debut in Philadelphia Tango 1922
Plugge-dansen Holland n/a A kind of Fandango n/a
Plymouth Rock, the USA Arthur Murray n/a 1956
Polacco Mazovie | Poland Sister dance of the Mazourka/Mazurka See: Mazourka n/a
Polka Czechoslovakia Anna Chadimová-Slezak (Bohemian) Galop | Redowa | Mazurka | Rabb | Mazourka | Gavotte | Pulka 1822
Polka, Grecian Bend USA? Morlacchi Galop | Redowa | Mazurka | Rabb | Mazourka | Gavotte | Pulka | Ballet 1850's
Polka Tremblante Bohemia See: Polka Galop | Redowa | Mazurka | Rabb | Mazourka | Gavotte | Pulka 1840's?
Polka-Mazur (Polka Mazourka) Russia Princess Marie Nicolaewna. (Basically a waltz | even though the name) Galop | Redowa | Mazurka | Rabb | Mazourka | Gavotte | Pulka 1830
Polka Redowa n/a n/a n/a 1852
Polo Trot USA Arthur Murray ? Fox-trot 1925
Polonaise Poland Originally a Military March. War dance | March | Waltz | Russian | Mazurka. Women came into the dance in the 1645. 1585
Polovetzian Dances n/a n/a Choral dances n/a
Pols Sweden Mix of Swedish and Norwegian country dance n/a n/a
Polska Sweden 3/4 Hambo | Polskor | Bingsjöpolska | Bodapolska | Orsapolska | Rättvikspolska | Slängpolska | Wedding, n/a
Polskor Scandinavia aka: Polska | Couples dance n/a n/a
Pompeiien Dance Pompeii? aka: Pompeien dance Salome | Belly dance n/a
Pop Goes the Weasel England n/a Country Dance | Square Dance | Hornpipe | VA. Reel | De Coverly n/a
Pope's Dance (see: Furlana) Campieli, Italy aka: La Popette | Furlana. Pope Pius X aka: Furlana | Furlane | Forlana | Frullana and Friulana | La Popette | a courtship dance 1583 (1780's)
Popette, la (see Furlana) Campieli, Italy aka: Pope's Dance | Furlana | Pope Pius X | Furlane | Forlana | Frullana and Friulana | Pope's Dance | a courtship dance 1583 (1780's)
Pordon Dantza Basque? aka: Lance Dance Battle of Beotibar | edo carrica dantza n/a
Porro Columbia Similar to Rumba | 2/4 Rumba n/a
Port-au-Prince n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pose and a Peck New York? Arthur Murray Swing | Peelin' The Peach | Suzy-Q 1937
Posin' Chicago, IL. Adolph G. Franksen (Chicago-Dance Masters of America convention) Swing | Peckin' | Truckin | Big Apple | Jitterbug 1930's
Possum Trot n/a Consisted of a series of fast | flat hops n/a 1910's
Pousse Cafe n/a Ms. Winn and Mr. Evans Dance Mixture 1910's
Praise The Lord, Pass the Ammunition USA Arthur Murray Posin' | Pose and A Peck | Kick The Mule | Suzy Q | Big Apple | Little Apple. 1940's
Promenade Waltz USA Dance Masters of America (DOMA) n/a 1896
Mobile Prance, the n/a see: Sheet Music Cover Prance | Two-Step | March 1909
Prestilio Portugal' n/a Folia | Fado | Mouresca | Baixa 1700's
Prince Of Wales Foxtrot USA National Institute of Social Dancing Foxtrot. Named in honor of the dancing Prince 1923
Princess Rajah Dance USA American Mutoscope & Biograph Co. 1904 Edison | Biograph | Mutoscope films | Belly dance | Turkish 1904's
Pull It, the USA Similar to the 'Break-Away' in Lindy Hop (Eph & Dinah Skits) Medicine Shows | Gillies | Lindy Hop 1910's
Purity Dance, The USA J.B. Caldwell. (Dance done to combat the 'Wiggle' dances. Couple dance 6 inches apart and lead holds Handkerchief in Rt. Hand to discourage Hugging dances Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear etc. 1914
Push Tulsa, Oklahoma aka: Tulsa Push / Texas Push Whip | West Coast | Shag | Swing | Lindy Hop | Jitterbug Supreme Swing 1968?
Pussyfoot Prance n/a see: Sheet Music Cover n/a 191?
Pyrrhic Dance Greece aka: Armed Dance | Goddess Rhea | Cervantes War dance | Bracelet | Bacchanalia | Apollo & Rhea | Hymenaea | Labyrinth | Mythology | men in armor. B.C.
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