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Dance Styles Index: N

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter N. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'N'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Naked Dance, The n/a Tony Jackson, Jelly Roll Morton? n/a 1910's?
Napoleonienne n/a n/a Polka | Waltz 1860's?
Narragansett Pier n/a W. E. Greene n/a 1880's?
Natya (Hindu) India Temple of Worship-5th veda | formed by Brahma from parts of the four original Vedas. North and South differ. Bayadere | Belly dance | Bharta Natyam | Kathak | Kathakali | Manipuri Mime | Nrtta | Nautch | Oriental dance | Rig Vedic Hymns 1500 BC
Natayam | Bharata India Originally performed mainly by women Bayadere | Belly dance | Kathak | Kathakali | Nrtta | Manipuri | Mime | Nautch |Oriental dance | Rig Vedic Hymns 2nd Century
Navy Dance (English) USA 1893 - Kirmess Opera House Miss Austin 1893's
New Creole, the USA Dance Masters of America Watch Free 1931
New Glide Waltz n/a ? Richard Taylor ? n/a 1914's
New Military Two Step London? Created by Mrs. Ethel Finnigan at the Winter Garden Theatre n/a 1908
New Polski Mazourka NYC Created for Pauline Desjardins Desjardins | Mazurka | Polka 1839?
New York Hustle NY Unknown Disco | Hustle | LA Hustle | Swing | Latin 1972?
New Yorker, The NY Unknown (Form of ECS and or WCS) Jitterbug | Lindy Hop | WC Swing 1950's
Newman Tango USA Albert W. Newman Tango | Minuet 1914
Newport Dance NY aka: Knickerbocker | La Mode | Ripple and Racquet | Wave Galop | Waltz | Knickerbocker | Racquet | Wave 1888
Nizzarda France (Lady lifted high in air during dance).
Waltz Type dance
Adagio | the Boston | Landler | Valse | Waltz 1590
Novelette, The NY Madeline Northway & George Chiles at the Biltmore Hotel in NY. Ballroom Exhibition Novelty. | Doll Dance Music 1927
Numa Numa Dance  New Jersey Gary Brolsma | Viral Internet dance Video Gary sat in a chair, lip sinked and arm dances (moving arms) to song ''Dragostea Din Tei,'' a Romanian pop tune via an Online camera. 2002
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