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Dance Styles Index: L

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter L. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'L'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
L' Arc-en-ciel n/a Fancy Dance n/a n/a
L' Eclair n/a L. De G. Brookes n/a 1889
L' Italienne n/a n/a La Sicilienne | La Italiana | Julie Vincent 1850's?
La Belle de la France n/a n/an/a n/a
La Bimbi USA? Said to be created by: Eduardo Davidson La Pachanga | Le Frisson 1960's
La Bomba n/a Mateo Flecha (1481-1553) wrote La Bomba song. aka: Bomba Fox Trot | Tango 1937?
La Boulangère France Has similarities to the Sir Roger de Coverly | Done at end of a ball. Sir Roger | Quadrille | Le Carillon do Dunkerque, 1600's?
La Bourree France n/a Obsolete dance | see ballet n/a
La Bretagne France Feuillet (Named after birth of duc de Bretagne) La Gavotte Du Roy (1716) 1704
Labyrinth Greece n/a Bracelet | Pyrrhic | Hymenaea |
La Carmagnole n/a n/an/a n/a
La Caprice USA Performed at the Kirmess Opera House (Ohio) Miss Austin, 1893's
La Conga Cuba n/a Carnival | Big Apple 1800's?
La Contly France? aka: danse a deux n/a 1700's
La Coquette n/a n/a Galop & Polka Mix round dance 1800's?
La Coska New York L. de G. brooks La Esmerelda | 3/4 time 1850
La Cucaracha Mexico Novelty Dance! | Arthur Murray ballroom adaptation. 5/18/1934 Pioneer/ RKO 1st color film "La Cucaracha". Mexican Hat Dance | Warner Bros. - "Happiness ahead" 1930s
La Danse Classique n/a aka: Gavotte See: Gavotte n/a
La Esmeralda n/a n/a Galop | La Coska 1850's?
La Fille de Chasse n/a n/a La Fille de Fees | La Fille de Regiment n/a
La Fille de Fees n/a n/a La Fille de Chasse | La Fille de Regiment n/a
La Fille de Regiment n/a n/a La Fille de Chasse | La Fille de Fees n/a
La Forlona USA Dance Masters of America (also: Forlana circa 1711) n/a 1914
La Francese France? n/a La Italiana | Galliarde


La Italiana France? Ercole d'Este (danced) La Francese | Galliarde


La Madrilène London Madame Michu. (slow 3/8 with castanets) Spanish 1800s
La Manola Atlanta, GA. F.C. Notts | Spanish Skirt Dance done to Landers 'Manola Waltz'. Skirt Dance 5/18/1891
La Marjolaine New York E. W. Masters n/a 1888
La Massaniello n/a National Dance n/a n/a
La Mode n/a aka: Knickerbocker | La Mode | Ripple & Racquet | Wave n/a 1880's?
La Mora n/a Created by: W.M. Primrose   1908
La Napoleonienne France Made for the marriage of the French emperor Napoleon | Couples dance. Polka 1800's
La Paquerette n/a n/an/a n/a
La Parisienne Paris? National Dance n/a n/a
La Polichinette Paris, France La Fornarina A "l'olmpia" de Paris et au (at Teatro De La Comedia de Madrid) Nouvelle Dance 1911
La Reine Pomare France Introduced at: Bal Mabille. n/a 1845
La Raspa Vera Cruz, MX. Hopping steps Folk 1946?
La resbalosa Argentina ?? Cinquillo n/a
La Roska Poland steps are same as a Mazurka and Polka - Redowa n/a 1890's
La Russe New York Introduced by the American Society of Professors of Dancing, n/a 1/1/1882
La Rumba New York created by Tim Brynm | Joan Sawyer and Lew Quinn Tango 1910's
La Siciliene Sicily (Maybe France) n/a

Valse Redowa | l'Italian | l'Italiene | Cerrito | St. Leon

La Sylvia n/a n/an/a n/a
La Tempête Paris, France n/a Quadrilles 1860's
La Tyrolienne Tyrol see Tyrolienne n/a n/a
La Varsoviana New Mexico Page has photo's and description. n/a 1937's
La Volta Italy n/a Volta | Waltz | De Medici 1850
La Zingarella n/a Is a National Dance of ...??? Hopping Dance 1880's?
Lambada, the Brazil From N/E Coast of Brazil. Became a fad dance. Song originally titled "Llorando se fue" which was done by the Bolivian group "Los Kjarkas" | remade a hit song by Kaoma. Zouk originated from this dance.

Samba | Zouk | Swouk | Calypso | forro | sayas | the maxixe and the carimbó.

Lambeth Shuffle Harlem, NY Plantation Club renamed the Lambeth Walk the Lambeth Shuffle. Lambeth Walk | Big Apple 1938
Lambeth Walk, the London Lupino Lane. Miss England also claims. Joseph Rines Intro to USA Walk | Strut | Round | Lambeth Shuffle | Big Apple | Palais Glide 1938?
Lambra, the Arab aka: Moresca Moresca | Spanish | Portuguese n/a
Lame Duck, the New York Castles, the really a variation more than a dance 1912
Laminu, the California Related to the Balboa Balboa | Swing dance 1940's
Lancers Paris Dance Master: Laborde Square Dance | Lancers 1820-1885
Landler, the Austria Vienna Waltz | Volta | De Medici | Landler 1690-1800
Landau, the Peru derivative of the Landu with a mix of Spanish and African rhythms Landu n/a
Landu, the Angola, Spain Originally by slaves from Brazil. "Fancy Dance". Landó n/a
Lariat Dance Mexico Vaqueros Cowboy | Spanish | Mexican Hat 1700's?
Lassu, the Hungary n/a Friss | 1800's?
Latin Dance Cuba n/a Cha-cha | Bolero | Mambo | Spanish n/a
Le Branle n/a n/a Contra | Court n/a
Le Carillon do Dunkerque France n/a Sir Roger | Quadrille | La Boulangère 1600s?
Le Frisson USA? Eduardo Davidson La Pachanga | La Bimbi 1960's
Le Galop a Trois Pas n/a aka: Three Step Galop | also called: 'Three Slide Galop'. n/a 1880's?
Le Manchon-monstre Europe A whimsical group waltz using a rope | (maybe these are Cotillion figures) La Bombe Mélinete | In Le Facteur | Le Papillon | In Le Théâtre | Waltz 1800's?
Le Reve New York C. H. Rivers. Adopted by: the American Society of professors of Dancing n/a 1889
Le Roc Germany aka: European Rock and Roll | Steps: "Kick Ball Change - Kick Step - Kick Step" Jive | Swing | Acrobatics | Gymnastics | Adagio | Ce Roc | Rock and Roll n/a
Le Tourbillion Paris, France Academic company of Professors de Danse of Paris | Artists of the Imperial Theater of the Opera. Quadrilles 1858
Legomainia USA A name for the style of dance called "Rubber Legging" | aka: Rubberlegs Henry Rubberlegs Williams | Alberta Whitman | Julian Eltinge 1900's
Les Clochettes n/a n/an/a n/a
Les VARIÉTÉS Parisiennes Paris, France Academic company of Professors de Danse of Paris | Artists of the Imperial Theater of the Opera. Introduced in America by William B. De Garmo. Quadrilles 1865
Limbo, the Trinadad aka: Under The Stick Dance Fad dance | Party Dance 1920's?
Lindbergh Glide New York Thomas H. Sheehy Kinkajou | Dixie Stomp 1927/8
Lindbergh Hop USA aka: Lindy Hop | Lindy | Named by "Shorty George" See: Lindy Hop! 1927
Lindbergh Wave Waltz USA Society Of Professors of Dancing Swing Waltz | Jitterbug- Waltz 1920's
Lindy Hop, the USA aka: Lindbergh Hop | Folk Dance. | Mother to all forms of Swing dance. See also: Savoy Ballroom. | George Snowden | Chic Webb | Big Band / Jazz Music | Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Benny Goodman | Vernacular Jazz | Retro/Neo Swing. Al Smith Hop | Boogie-Woogie | Bop | Breakaway | Bugg | Dewey Dip | East Coast Swing | Ejor | Earhart Hop | Jig Hop | Jitterbug |Jive | The Mooch (and Sugar) | New Yorker | Push | Rock and Roll | Shag | Swango | Texas Tommy | West Coast Swing | the Whip | DC Hand Dance. 1927
Lindy One Step, the USA Demonstrated at Schultz Dance Studio in Chicago (Suburbanite Economist Newspaper 9/23/1927.) n/a 1927
Line Dance n/a n/a Folk dance | Disco | Country n/a
Lip To Lip, the USA Ragtime Dance Texas Tommy | Grizzly Bear | Bunny Hug | Toddle 1920's
Lisbonienne, the Poland Markowski Polka | Mazurka | Lisbonienne | Sicilienne | Friska | Schottische 1700's?
Listen Lester New York n/a Grizzly Bear | Turkey Trot 1918?
Little Apple, the USA Related to the Big Apple Dance. Big Apple 1937?
Little Boat Dance Cuba n/a Timba Rigurosa 1940's
Little Foot, the n/a n/a La Varsovienne n/a
Lombardina, the Italy? n/a Giga | Monferrina | Giorometta 1800's
Loomis Glide Mazurka New York A.M. Loomis. Adopted by the American Society of Professors of Dancing n/a 1888
Loomis Yale Univeristy York New York A. M. Loomis Polka-Redowa n/a
London Swish n/a Mrs. Florence C. Dyer n/a 1913's
Los Seises Seville Introduced by Cardinal Ximenes in Toledo. Done by 12 choir boys. Morris Dance | Musarabic rite | Minuet n/a
Louvre (Loure) France Jean Baptiste Lully Gigue Lente | Spanish - (Elizibeth of England) n/a
Love Waltz, the n/a Andrae and Ethel (Folies Bergere) Pointed Toe Upward on every Second Step | then wraps legs around leaders waist and is spun close to floor. 1913
Lovers Two Step USA n/a Bunny Hug | Turkey Trot | Slow Drag 1910
Lovers Walk n/a n/a Slow Dance n/a
Lowdown, the USA n/a Brother Lowdown | Real Lowdown | Doin the Lowdown 1910's
Luncheon Lurch USA danced by Miss Katherine Britton and Sally Williams Valse Chaloupe | Texas Tommy | Horse Trot | Reno Glide | Tango Dream | Banana Peel Glide etc. 1913
Lujock, the Russia ?? Russian Dance ??
Lundu, the Angola aka: Fado | Bantu Slaves. | Lundu from word Kilundu (means spirit). Sarabanda | Chacona | Batuque | Samba | Lulu Fado | Fandango | (Portuguese) 1680's?
Lulu Fado New York Maurice Mouvet and Florence Walton Lulu Fado | Chez Maurice | Lundu | Le Vrai Fado Portugais 1914
Lurch, the USA Waltz Variation Waltz 1900's?
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