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'J' Dance Name ▼▲ Origin: Creator/Choreographer | Note See Also: Date
Jaleo de Jerez Xeres, Spain - Spanish Dance | Fandango | Jota | Bolero -
Jalisco, the Jalisco Male dancer places his hat on ground, female dances around it, if she touches hat, she accepts his love. Spanish Dance | Mexican Hat Dance | Jose Greco -
Jam, The America Minstrel Shows Hoe-down | Barn Dance | Swing | Lindy 1840s
Jarabo Tipatio Mexico City - Mexican Hat Dance | Spanish dance | Folk 1900s?
Jarana Yucatán, Mexico aka: Merry Chatter Folk Dance -
Java Dance India Seven Widaharis Chaya-Nataka | Hindu | Mime | Folk 200 AD
Jazz, The Pittsburgh? Miss Francis White? Novelty dance 1917
Jazz Dance USA - Ballet | Modern | Tap 1920's
Jazzarimbo USA Ragtime Dance Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | Turkey Trot 1910's
Jazzbo Glide USA Simple Couples Step snapping Fingers Mentioned in Bradford's 'Bullfrog Hop' song in 1908. 1900's
Jelly Glide USA? - Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear etc. 1913
Jelly Roll USA aka: Dancing The Jelly Roll - 1915
Jibao, Pie De Spain aka: Gibao Sarabande | Chacone | Spanish | Court 1560
Jig, the Ireland aka: Gigue | Gigg Gigue | Clog | Reels | Giga Tap | Buck | Slop | Jiggs 1580's-1880
Jig Walk, the USA A Movement popular in Swing, Balboa and Jazz. Swing | Shag | Balboa Variation 1930's
Jimmy Creepers USA John Bull Fad 1954
Jitterbug USA (Umbrella term for Swing Dances/ Dancers). Modern usage is usually: Double or Delayed Rhythm East Coast Swing. West Coast Swing | Lindy | Push | Whip | New Yorker | East Coast | Jive 1934-95
Jitter-Jive USA Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron Jitterbug | East Coast | Jive 1930s
Jiu Jitsu Waltz USA Mademoiselle Dazie did this dance in the 1907 Ziegfeld Follies (Title could be a mis-spelling) Jiu Jitsu Dance | Dazie | Ziegfeld Follies 1910's?
Jive, the Europe | USA - East Coast | Le Rock | Ce Rock | Swing | Euro Rock & Roll | Boogie Woogie 1940's on
Joanelle USA Joan Sawyer Waltz??Minuet | Corps de ballet 1914
Joc De Legana Romania aka: Dance of the Cradle Rustemul | Alunelul | Folk -
Joe Louis Truck USA Don Redman wrote the song which was just the Truckin' Dance Truckin' | Swing Dance | Lindy Hop | Jitterbug | L'Africain 1930's
Jonah's Band USA Similarities to the Juba Dance | Circle dance ?? 1910's?
Jota, the Aragon, Valencia, Spain (National Dance) Spanish Dance 1700's
Ju-Jitsu Waltz * USA Mlle. Dazie & Tokio (also see: Jiu Jitsu Waltz) Waltz 1907
Juba, (Pattin') USA Master Juba William Henry Lane | Jig | Clog | Tap | Buck and Wing 1845
Jump Swing Ithaca, NY ? Originally (and still known as) East Coast Swing (with kicks) then later as Retro Swing! (see Retro/ Neo Swing) ... More of a Musical style than a dance. aka: East Coast Swing | Retro Swing | Delayed-Double Time Kick Swing | Neo-Swing | Jitterbug. [Link] 2000's?
Junkman Rag, the USA Maurice Mouvet ?? 191?

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