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Dance Styles Index: F

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter F. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'F'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Fadé Dance (Fade) England aka: Furry dance May Dance | St. Michael | Fuer | Floralia n/a
Fado, the Brazil n/a Portuguese | Lundu | Fandango | Lulu Fado Brazilian Fado 1700's
Faisalabad French-Cajun n/a n/a n/a
Fandango Seville, Spain Phoenicians | Spanish Basically a Chica! | Spanish dance 1760's
Fan Dance (Oriental) Japan Geisha's Maiko | Shinto Dance n/a
Fan Dance (American) USA Faith Bacon | Earl Carroll | Sally Rand Bubble Dance | Faith Bacon | Sally Rand 1920's
Fan Tango USA Albert Newman Tango | Newman Tango 1910's
Farandole Provence of France and Languedoc Thesus L' Escargot | Kolo | Chorovod | Brawl | Fedor Lensky B.C.?
Faroê Scandinavia n/a Songs | Wedding Dances | Flying Dutchman | Tarentella n/a
Farruca Spain Gypsy dance for men Spanish dance | Flamenco n/a
Farwoudiar Sengal Wolof dance for women n/a n/a
Fascination Waltz n/a D.B. Brenneke Waltz 1879
Fest Noz Breton (England) Night Dance n/a n/a
Festejo Peru Male circle fighting dance | Sensual War dance | Festival | Carnival | Capoiera | cajón n/a
Finale Hop, the USA aka: Scandal Walk (Scandals of 1920)
Sheet Music: 'When those Finale Hoppers start Hoppin Around.'
Scandal Walk, St. Louis Finale Hop, Camel Walk, Collegiate dances 1920's
Fire Dance n/a n/a Torch Dance n/a
Firlefanz Swabia Paul Kugelmann (composer)? Trotto | Trappeltanz | Trottartt | Firlefei | Fulafranz 1560's
Firlefei France Faster version of the Virelai Virelai | Trottartt | Trotto 1800's?
Fish, The USA n/a see: Hit Parader Music Mag.: 6/1955 1955
Fish Tail Bavaria (some say Africa) Vernacular version Hips weave about in a figure 8, Hand behind waving like a tail. Animal dance | Snake Hips dance | the Grind | Black Bottom n/a
Fish Walk USA Uriel Davis. Ragtime Dance. (Basically put foot Forward and drag back | repeat other foot) Bunny Hug | Grizzly Bear | Texas Tommy | Toddle | Grind | Slow Drag | Turkey Trot | Boston Dip etc. 1912's
Five Step, The New York Harland Dixon-1928 Mae Clark | Ballroom Manhattan | Mary Play | 5/4 1849
Five Step Waltz n/a n/a Waltz 1880
Flamenco Andalusia, Spain n/a Flamenco | Floriditto | Tap dance n/a
Flapper Walk USA n/a Charleston | Chic Walk | Collegiate Walk | Camel Walk 1924
Flat Charleston England Traveling Ballroom Dance not resembling Charleston hardly at all. Charleston Crawl | Charleston | Foxtrot | Quickstep | British Pathe 1920s
Flea Hop New Jersey precursor to the Arthur Murray Shag Arthur Murray Shag | Sugar Foot | Balboa | Swing 1930
Flemish Folk Dance Belgium ?? ?? ??
Flirtation Walk n/a Flirtation Walk DVD (1941) See: George White | Hula n/a
Floogie Walk Harlem Myra Johnson Cotton Club | Worlds Fair 1939?
Florida East Coast Shimmy NYC Katherine Dunham & Ohardieno | 1/1/1943 - Life Magazine n/a 1943
Flower Waltz n/a n/a Waltz Of The Roses | Cotillion n/a
Flying Dutchman ?? Polka Dance usually done at Weddings etc. Polka ??
Fofa Portugal Brazilian Connections Fandango | Lundu | Lundum | Fado 1700's
Fogueiras de S. João Portugal Jumping through fire dance Torch Dance | Fire Dance | Torchlight 1700's?
Folía, The Portugal Carnival Dance Sarabande | Rigaudon | Bailes Castanets | Spanish 1565
Folk Dance Everywhere non pro made, created by The People/dancers! Ethnological Dance | Lindy | Square dance | Peasant dance | Cotillion n/a
Footloose Strut USA Ned Wayburn Foxtrot | Tango 1921
Forlana (Forlane) Frioul, Venice Pe'Cour Similar to Gigue but calmer | animated 3/4 or 6/8 time, Has similarities to the Tarantella with Glissade & close steps. La Novelle | Fourlana 1711
Forlona, La USA Dance Masters of America n/a 1914
Fort Worth Shuffle Fort Worth, TX. note: count 1,2,3-4&5-6&...(REPEAT) | Similar to Dallas Two-Step. Dallas Two Step | Dallas Shuffle | Triple Two | Texas Two-Step | Country Western 1980's
Foulard National Dance of? n/a n/a 1800's?
Fourlane Venice, IT. 1st in Frioul Forlane n/a
Fox Blues, the Paris, FR. Professor Robert (Oakland Tribune 12/10/1922) A sort of One- Step that has a very long slow step | Lifting feet to Slow American Blues Music. 1922
Fox Dance, the USA n/a Stork Hop | Goat Bound | Bunny Hug | Turkey Trot etc. 1912
Fox-Trot, the New York Harry Fox NY Theater | Two Step 1912
Fox Trot Artistic n/a n/a Fox-trot | Camel Walk | Triangle One Step | Chic Walk 1921's
Fox-trot: Chasseurs France Maurice Mouvet ? See: Fox-trot for now! 1914
Fox-trot: Syncopated. n/a Maurice Mouvet ? See: Fox-trot for now! n/a
Francaise | Francais France n/a (3/4 time Country Dance) n/a
Frat March USA n/a n/a 1905
Freak Dancing USA n/a aka: Grinding | extreme dirty dancing | simulated mating. Grind | Slow Drag | Hucklebuck 1996
Freddy | do the USA Freddy and the dreamers did song. Twist| Frug | Hully-Gully | Mashed Potato | Swim. Do in-place first extend left leg, then left arm | repeat opposite side. 1960's
French Pericon NY Maurice Mouvet Chez' Maurice 1914
French Tango Paris n/a European Tango | Tangolio 1924
Fricassee France Real or Portrayed lovers tweaking the ears and nose of each other Mime | comic 1700's
Friska Poland Markowski Mazurka | Sicilienne | Lisbonienne | Schottische 1700's?
Friss Hungary? n/a Lassu, 1800's?
Frug, the USA Arm dance variation of the Chicken and the Twist. (Sweet Charity,) aka: The Surf | Twist | Fad | Chicken | Watusi | Jerk | Monkey etc. | Big Bea and the Thunderbird. 1960's
Flying Lindy New York see: West Coast Swing for now! Lindy | Swing | Jitterbug 1940's
Fulafranz Swabia? n/a Trottart | Trotto | Firlefei | Firlefanz 1500's?
Funky Butt USA Lift skirt and wiggle the hips. Grind | Mooche | Squat | Itch | Shimmy | Buzzard Lope 1910's
Funky Chicken Memphis, TN. USA Rufus Thomas? Fad | Swim | Twist| Frug |Push and Pull | Breakdown | Walkin' the Dog 1969?
Furlana Venice, Italy Folk Dance of Venice aka: Furlane | a courtship dance. Tarantella | Forlana | Frullana and Friulana | La Popette | Pope's Dance. 1583
Furlough USA | RKO William Bales Ballet premiere was 1/20/1945 1940's ?
Furry Dance England aka: Fade Dance n/a n/a
Futurist Twirl, the USA Donald Brian Based on the Turkey Trot and Tango with exaggerated steps1913