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Dance Styles Index: E

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter E. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'E'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Eagle Rock Kansas City at Eagle Rock Baptist Church. Texas Tommy | Ballin The Jack, Baltimore Buzz 1910's
Earhart Hop USA Dance Masters of America Lindy | Shag | Charleston, Foxtrot Mix 1932
East Coast Swing USA Dance Masters of America Lindy | New Yorker | Jive | Jitterbug/ WCS 1942 (1932)
Eastern Swing USA Dance Masters Of America Jitterbug | Lindy Hop | New Yorker | Jive 1948 (1932)
Echo, The USA Johnny Boyle Black Bottom n/a
Edate Basque aka: edo carrica dantza, Zorzico | Saut Basque n/a
Edelweiss Glide Waltz n/a n/a Waltz 1908
Eight-some Reel n/a n/a Folk | Contradanse 1850's
El Condor Pasa Peru Traditional Peruvian dance need info. n/a
Electric Slide USA Ric Silver at Vamp's Disco. A Short Line dance Electric Boogie | Cabbage Patch | Robot | Rock Lobster | Peewee Herman | Safety Dance 1976
Eletezka Espagnol Boston Prof. C.M. Brown (Essex Hall) Quadrille Francais, Waltz | Schottische 1890's
Elmaida Valse Lente London? Created by Mme. H.R. Johnson n/a 1908
Embolada Brazil Improv type song/dance Samba | Mesemba | Lundu | Batugue 1900s?
Emmeleïa, The Greece? Done By Plato Tragic type Ballet | Emmelie | Pavin | Quiet Dance B.C.?
Entrée Grave Italy Jean Baptiste Lully (Majestic, done by male) | Court | Ballet | 1600's
Erev Ba Israel (Evening Is Coming) Tfilati | Debka Carmiel 1950's
Escarraman n/a n/a Sarabande | Chaconne 1500's
Escondido Argentina Mating dance, Partner hides from male n/a n/a
Eskista / Esketa Ethiopia aka: Albee | Harlem Shake See: Harlem Shake for more info 1970's
Esmeralda Waltz (polka) St. Louis Esmeralda Club? Waltz |Polka | Quadrille | Lancers 1880's
Espanoleta Spain same as Spanoletta Spagnoletta | Espagnole | Pavane | Spanish 1600's
Espagnole n/a Created by Ravel? Bolero | Spanish | Flamenco | Chaconne | Pavane | Schottische 1600s?
Espagnole, The Schottische n/a Spanish Schottische (Music: Mon Homme) 1921?
Espata Dansa Basque St. Pé (Hautes Pyrénées) Zorzico | Sauté Dansa 1660's
Esperano Barn Dance n/a Created by T. Almond Square dance 1908
Espringall Ireland n/a Cengail | Jig | 1100's
Espunyolet Espunyola old Catlan dance Pavane | Spagnoletta 1600's
Essence of Old Virginia USA aka: Arkansas Traveler Arkansas Traveler | Soft Shoe | Tap dance | Clog | Juba dance 1736
Estrindore Britain British Jig Jig | Gigg | Francis Rabelais | Urquhart 1494
Esturdia Portugal aka: Tordion Tordion n/a
Eugenie Waltz n/a Jacob Mahler Waltz 1880's
European Rock & Roll Europe n/a Le Roc | Ceroc | Jive | Swing ?
European Tango ?Paris? n/a French Tango | Tangolio 1924
Evelyn Fox Trot New York Evelyn Nesbitt (Jack) Clifford Trot | Fox Trot | Talmadge Foxtrot 1914
Excelsior Waltz n/a Created by James Finnigan billed as a New Round Dance 1908
Excuse Me! New York n/a n/a 1928?